Censoring words in Watch Party Chat

I noticed while using the chat function during a watch party, some German words will be censored.
If those words were of foul language or would mean something bad, I would understand it, but it’s happening with words we use in our day-to-day speech.
I noticed it with “mich” (me) and “macht” (either a form of do or can also mean power if written with a capital M).

Did you also notice something similar in your language?


Yes - some words like “crap” but once the computer gets used to the word sometimes then it is allowed!


Yeah, I’ve seen it too!!! For example “mich” in EN “me” and I think “mache” in EN “I do”…
can’t remember other, but it’s ridiculous, it’s like coding a secret message since it’s replaced with stars ****, haha :rofl::rofl::rofl: