Channel "Love and Destiny" is gone!? (SOLVED)


What is happing there?! D:
The link which worked before is an “error”? Why? What happened?


Indeed, the channel disappeared… :confused:


I hope that it is just a bug.

2 days before release - removed would be really hard for all the fans :fearful:


Also, Love And Destiny is removed from the Coming Soon section.
¿Maybe Viki lost the license like My Poseidon or is just a bug? :thinking:


The drama is no longer coming to the site, we got this sad news late yesterday after working hard to build our Team up in anticipation of its arrival here. Though we share your disappointment, there is nothing any of us can do about it.

GeNie of the Lamp, English Moderator and Editor, on behalf of The Divine Destiny Team, headed by Channel Manager Bepina


Please I am asking everyone to request over and over for this drama “Love And Destiny” it is by the same directors of “Eternal Love” that is close to the same format of story lines. So you all know it’s going to be great.

We all have to let our voices be heard, and the only way to do so is to keep asking and making requests again and again. That is one of the reason we now have “Goblin” because we never gave up asking for it.

It take more than one person it will take us all, to ask for “Love And Destiny” Please take the time to make a request for this drama. All together is stronger than one person.


Oh Foo! I was so looking forward to this Drama .I was giddy when it said coming soon.Now the whole page is gone and it says fan channel in my following. What the hec happened??
Seriously Disappointed. Dang! Viki that’s just cruel.
Well I’ll just keep filling out the form.


I’m really sorry for the translation team. They made a lot of effort for nothing.


The official videos of “Love and Destiny” on Youtube accept subtitling. It is a setting decided by video owners and I checked that these videos accept subtitle contributions. Would the volunteer team be willing to submit their subtitles there? This link takes you directly to the option to add subtitles


Thank you for the link. Well at least we can watch the drama, i guess. :frowning:


I’m not planning to do that, we may still get this drama eventually here legally - and there’s no telling if that will be removed due to some reason similar to the reasons it did not arrive here in the first place.

I think everybody literally has more than enough to do here as it is…I know I do! Considering the responses from Team members when we were gathering people, I think it’s reasonable to say we’ll wait and see if we get it here in future. If I have time, I’ll probably watch it raw myself, if it isn’t taken down. :slight_smile:


That’s Croton’s official YT channel. Why would it be removed due to some reason similar to the reasons that it didn’t make it on Viki? That’s their own production.

My guesses are either Viki went over budget for Cdramas lately or something to do with the drama Go Go Squid since it’s also a Croton production.


That is your speculation, and not something one may say as having inside knowledge to the matter. I am not speculating further, as the whole drama situation where it’s suddenly airing rather than coming in 2020, first coming to us and then not, I’d say the whole deal is a bit odd and I would not hang a hat on it personally.

If in future we get the drama, we’ll do it. :slight_smile: Until then, speculation is useless, and perhaps if I get time, I’ll watch it raw myself. It does look fun, but I also wish for Tribes and Empires II and a great many other good dramas!

There are a lot of dramas around to see, and we’re working on a lot here. Please enjoy!

GeNie is going back to work on the projects in hand at present!


…and in addition, this morning it appears we are getting The PIllow Book - the main line sequel to this universe instead! We’ll be busy doing that one here, without any side ventures to Youtube. :slight_smile:


The dramas on Youtube usually get English subs after some time. There are many of them.

If The Pillow Book is really on VIKI, it would be great, but after that Love & Destiny disappointment I won’t believe it until the first episode is available here.



ep 1 is already subbed on Youtube :wink:
Seems they are fast.


That’s fantastic news! Will be looking forward to watching it :star_struck: @deadliftdiva_548

Thanks for the update on the Youtube subtitles for Love and Destiny! @sonmachinisma


It would still be nice if Viki would give some explanation, Any would do.Something other than an error page. But I will continue to fill out request form.I am also looking forward to the Pillow Books hope that come to fruition.


That’s something which makes me mad as a volunteer… we gave the effort to make other viewer’s and us happy to translate a drama and then THIS happens…


I can see why they would not tell the subscribers . I would think they would have at least told the Translation teams. I for one admire all you hard working translators, you guys are amazing. I’m still just gobsmacked that they didn’t even give you guy Reasons. or even a heads up.
So is there a rumor about Tribes and Empires 2? I would really love to see the 2nd season to that.The cliff hanger at the end still has me wanting more.


Your responses are always extremely rude and haughty as if you feel personally attacked. Get over yourself :face_with_raised_eyebrow: