I…have the pleasure today to bring forward the achievements of an amazing subber, and I hope she does not find this tribute utterly lacking. :slight_smile:

For the million subtitles…for the Mighty Shaldane, Shaldane168. :slight_smile: May 11, 2018…

1,000,000 subs

Word by word, line by line,
returning at times to further refine
A million subtitles, long or short,
gracious, majestic lines of minister’s report.
Curt snapping words of dismissal or dismay
Our Shaldane did them all, somehow every night and day. :slight_smile:

For the million ways you have helped us as we labor here in dramas…
Read by parents, children worldwide, fathers and grandmamas…

“Xie Xie” falls short, but then sometimes words can…
Let us pour you a virtual toast, and then together say, “GAN”!

(pouring bowls of wine for all and raising, draining it to the Mighty Shaldane)

Thank you for sharing some of those million subtitles with me, and I hope to be around to see your second million completed. :slight_smile:



Wow! Such dedication ^^
That’s amazing :smiley:

Thanks for lovingly subbing C-dramas so we can enjoy them :smile_cat:
You are the kind of subber we like cheering on :blush:



Thank you!!


Congratulations and thank you for your hard work!


Congratulations dear Shaldane!!! Thank you for your dedication, patience and also for allowing so many viewers to enjoy and understand these fantastic Chinese dramas!!! Excellent work!!:rose:


Congrats!! Thank you for sticking with us here. :blush:


Congrats! Thanks for working with us through the years and may we have more chance to work with you again. :slight_smile:


Congratulations and thank you shaldane168! Without your dedication we wouldn’t have got the chance to see so many wonderful chinese dramas. And jia you!


Congratulations and thank you for you hard work! :kissing_heart::kissing_heart::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

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Many, many congratulations on your impressive performance as a subber!! Enjoy every second of the praise, you certainly deserve it. Sending you a huge HUG!



you have always been my rock when all the subbers abandoned the ship. I was hauling you to the most challenging and most dreaded fan channels to bring their beauty and uniqueness to all the other Vikians. I hereby salute you, your skills, your determination and your love for ogling our men when they are sacrificing themselves to save the damsel in distress.

I wish you a speedy 2,000,000 milestone for the benefit of the Viewers out there!

many happy returns, as they say!


Wow! Way to go, Shaldane! You are so amazing!
Definitely a role model for me!
Thank you for all your service to the viki community
and for being such a shining light for all of us!
Much respect and admiration,


YAY Shaldane168… that is utterly amazing! Thank you so much for all that hard work. You were one of the subbers that introduced me to Chinese dramas and heightened my enjoyment as a viewer. I’ve always appreciated your dedication as an editor.


Congratulations!!! That’s amazing!



Kidding about the grown-up part, I already am one, but seriously, you rock! Shaldane168, way too go!

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Ok, I’m late, but still, you’re my role model! Well, you and someone else, a Romanian subber and Moderator that many of you know, but I really, truly, like and respect you! Congrats on your huge achievement, more so when you did it voluntarily! <3

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Well I want to add a note of criticisum. I have watched numerous Korean, Japanese and Chinrese dramas on Viki both on a Macbook Pro and Apple Tv via airplay from an iphone. I have to say that the quality of English is generally dire and there is clearly no checking of accuracy or quality control. I understand that translators are volunteers but this just does not excuse the fact they have no comprehension of English. My wife is Mandarin speaking but her English is full of fundamental errors. Mistakes of gender, swapping between him and her for the same character, leaving out the verb, confusion about bringing and taking the list is endless. Please resist the pressure to get the subs out asap and have someone who is a native speaker read through the SRT file. It’s not necessary to understand Mandarin to find the errors of English or the many miss-spellings, typos or omissions. I’m afraid I will not be renewing my Viki pass as the subtitles are too painful to encounter.

I understand your criticism, but is it really necessary to post this where everyone is congratulating a subber, who has been on viki since 2008, working hard on providing subtitles for people to enjoy dramas? You are making it sound like she’s responsible for everything you wrote in your comment, especially when you say:


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Not to criticize you, but the words should read “criticism” and "misspellings", ironically placed within the body of your note to us. :slight_smile: I spend a great deal of my time here at this website working with our exceptional Chinese to English translators, doing translation myself, and editing the work in all three forms that may require editing, the timing, translation and English.

In defense of your wife and many users of Chinese, the word for “he/she/it” requires a written form to show when it is gender-specific, unless given by the surrounding verbal context. There are gender-specific forms, and where our translators have them by way of a hard-sub or written script, they do indeed use “she/her” in particular where it is intended.

There are also a great many “gender-bending” attire choices, e.g. the popular “girl disguised as a boy” trope here. These dramas must be handled with even more care on the question of “does this speaker know that this is a girl”? Ashes of Love, for example, required our translators to specially dig out the written forms of the words to ensure we did follow the exact intention of the writers of this show.

Last, but not least, I have seen a great many subtitles over the years, and from various sources. If you really would like to experience pain, try watching many of the selections given on You Tube and other sources. My husband requires English subtitles, and some of the subs for a movie on Netflix sent me howling in pain as an editor!

Spend your money where you will, but you are not paying for subtitles in all actuality here anyway. You are paying for the access to the raw videos, if you review your pass paperwork. :slight_smile:

This thread is congratulating a translator who has been here for MANY LONG YEARS and been here DAILY working. This was not an overnight or rushed million!

I have had the pleasure of working with Shaldane on many projects, and will continue to work closely with her at the present and in future projects.

May I suggest if you have had some issues with the work on a particular drama that you instead contact the Chief Editor or Channel Manager directly, rather than post your comments to a congratulatory thread for a very hard-working volunteer in future. :slight_smile:

GeNie of the Lamp the Elemental of Editing


I just wonder if you have perhaps seen unedited subtitles, it takes a bit to edit them, because there is a two way editing the translation parts (from Chinese) and then the English subtitles. When a new episode airs it is swiftly, according to subtitler’s time, translated and therefore it may have typos or some situations aren’t quite clear. They final polish is in editing which may take much more longer.
Thanks for understanding. And this topic here is the wrong place to voice your dissatisfaction.