Close Range Love: Experienced cover page designer needed

The channel Close Range Love is looking for a dedicated and experienced cover page designer. This is a very popular manga-based movie, so the creative possibilities are endless!

If you are interested, please send me a private message here.


What’s up with the review section? I saw the movie and is a really good one, but I couldn’t add a review.

You are right, something is different. As of now if you’re on the computer, you can’t leave a review for a drama or a movie which hasn’t come to Viki. But for the dramas with a video, an episode, you can.

I wonder if the review which is already there comes from a tablet/mobile phone.


Well, I’m wondering if my review is there too bc it says there are 7 (although it only shows 1). I remember I wrote a review in that movie somewhere, and I thought it was here at this site, but I could be wrong. Congratulations on your project as CM.

Thank you!

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