[Closed] Can't watch videos :\

I have a problem with watching videos and I was wondering if anyone has the same problem.
When I click on any video, it won’t load… I can see the buttons (for liking video, subtitles etc) but the screen is black.
I’ve tried literally everything… using different browser, updating adobe player, deleting cookies, deleting ad-blocker, logging out of my account… and I still can’t watch anything :(.
Can anyone help??

I have this same problem. I has to do with the loading of the “coming up next” part of the player, I think. When it doesn’t finish loading, for whatever reason, the video won’t start. I REALLY wish they would get rid of this function! Anybody listening out there?
Anyway, the only way I’ve found to watch something is to try again later. Such a pain when I’m paying for this service.

I have that problem also . its got worse, I contacted viki help, but no help was offered , I’m done drama fever is better