[Closed] Private Watch Parties



I am having trouble using the private watch party feature. I am unable to play the second episode in watch parties. I can only start a watch party with the first episode. Is anyone else having this trouble?


Viki's Watchparty - start from other episode than 1 possible?

Yes, I have the same problem! I thought it was my internet or something.


Me too. Its very frustrating


I’m having trouble with this too! I’m hoping to see some answers to this soon


Thanks for using Viki’s watch party feature! At the moment, private watch parties are limited to episode 1 of any channels (that are watch party-supported). We understand that it is frustrating and limiting… and so!

Changes are coming! The team is working hard at enhancing our private watch party feature. Keep staying tuned. :sunglasses:

Viki's Watchparty - start from other episode than 1 possible?

Thanks for all your hard work behind the scenes! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Hey guys!
Maybe I’m too stupid or I’m doing something wrong but everytime I try to start episode 3 of True Beauty via Viki’s Watchparty it only allows me to start from episode 1. Even if I move to the end of the episode, I can’t switch to the next one but have to end the Watchparty.

Have you ever seen this before or is there another thread I can find help? Or any specia trick? I tried the search function but got 0 results for “Watchparty”.

Thanks in advance!


I think it’s just a general issue according to this:


Ahhhh, perfect, thank you very much!


Since you asked…

You can now create your own watch parties beyond just episode 1 of any channel (that are watch party-supported)! To do that, go to any channel that is watch party-supported, then click on the watch party icon on the episode.

Just in time for the holidays! :popcorn::champagne::tv:

(More info → Watch Party FAQ)