[Closed] Recruiting: Give Love Away [upcoming Korean drama]

Give Love Away

Hello everyone!

Join the fun in the upcoming Korean drama Give Love Away. We’re recruiting. . .

  • Moderators [QC]
  • Korean - English subbers
  • Experience Seggers or Seg101 graduates
  • Subbers from any language: Specify your language

Either leave a comment, contact @Lazarini, SingsofSerendipity, babyinspiritestar1, or @chizzygirl.

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Hello. I want to help with this project…I can sub from english to romanian

@bibirlici I’m the Romanian moderator for this drama. I’ll send you a PM

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Welcome to the team!

Thanks!!! <3

Thank you!

I can help with English to Malay subs.

Welcome to the team!

Thank you. When it will be out?

I can help with English to Spanish subs ^^

Hi ! ^^ i can sub from english to french !

End of September.

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I already contacted our dear French moderator, guilitoy, about it. Hopefully, she’ll contact you soon.

I contacted the Spanish moderator, Luzclarita81, and let her know about you wanting to help with the Spanish subs. Hopefully, she’ll contact you soon. :slight_smile:


Hi Juliab15, of course, I am glad to welcome in the team. If you need information or other, send me a PM. I hate forums, so I never come here.

Thanks unni! That was fast. <3

Hello I wish to contribute subs I can do English to Greek/Spanish/German and vice versa

We don’t have a Greek or German moderator yet. But, Luzclarita81 is our Spanish moderator. Pm her so she could add you to the Spanish team. I’ll add you as Greek and German helper. Thanks for joining Give Love Away!

Hi zatihasim,

I’m the Malay Moderator for this show. I will send you a PM soon.

Thanks for joining and welcome to the team!

I think it’s the same girl that I contacted for another project. If they still need help, feel free to contact me. Thank you so much, Lazarini ^^