CM Application changes & more information

Hello everyone,

We are aware that some changes to new channel pages have been confusing. Let us first apologize that we didn’t announce the changes sooner, and let us proceed to explain why:

In the very early days of Viki, some of you who have been around long enough know that Fan Channels were requested by users. Viki would create them, regardless of whether we knew we would or could license them eventually, and the user who requested the channel would automatically become Channel Manager. The process has changed a lot since then, but the creation of Fan Channels in itself has not really gone away.

An issue that the Community Team runs into a lot, is multiple Fan Channels becoming obsolete because those shows never become licensed, and the channel team is left sitting, waiting indefinitely. This is also problematic when looking at Channel Manager candidates, because we could select a user that shows 2 channels they have management experience in, when in reality, both of those could be Fan Channels. Another example we may see, is a user that has 4 channels they are managing, and assume they have too many projects on hand already, and not select them, when in reality 3 of those are Fan Channels. Yet another scenario we run into is suddenly one day a Fan Channel does become licensed, but the Channel Manager and half the team is no longer active because the original team was formed 2 years ago, and now we need to scramble to find a new Channel Manager immediately, especially in cases where the show itself may not garner much interest.

Due to all of the reasons mentioned above and more, we’ve decided that allowing users to apply to channels before we know the show is even licensed just doesn’t make sense. The changes that you’ve noticed is because of this decision. The CM application issues are actually due to how we’ve redefined what unlicensed channels should behave like. In the past, anyone could follow, add to collections, and apply to be CM on these unlicensed channels. But since there is no guarantee that these channels would even be licensed, we’ve decided to hold off on allowing QCs to apply for shows until we can confirm we have the license for it. However, we did not realize that the ability to follow or add shows to collections would be affected by this decision.

Currently, the new logic is as follows:

  • If a show is “Coming Soon,” then the show is licensed. Given that the show is licensed, all usual features (follow, add to collection) will be accessible. If no CM has been selected yet, you will still be able to submit a channel manager application.
  • Conversely, if a show is not licensed, you will not be able to apply to be CM, follow, or add the show to a collection.

It took us until now to come back to you guys with a proper explanation because we initially misinterpreted this issue with another bug. We’ve found that there is a lag between when we select a Channel Manager on the backend of the system, versus when that change gets reflected onto the channel page. In other words, after we select a channel manager, it takes a while for the system to reflect the chosen channel manager and close the application link on the channel page. Many of you have also pointed this out and we are already working towards fixing this. In conclusion, we are clearing it up now: The CM application changes were intentional––not a bug––but not being able to follow or add the show to collections was a byproduct we did not expect.

Now we would like to open up a discussion with you guys; How and why do you follow new shows? Or add them to collections? Is this to keep shows you are interested all in once place so that you may keep track of potential projects you would like to work on? Or for a different reason? We are trying to get to the root of the issue, to see if there is a better way to solve your problem. Would it be easier if we made unlicensed shows invisible? If that were the case, what is another potential way that would allow you to become aware of new projects to look forward to?

Apologies again for always being a beat too slow when it comes to communicating with you guys. There are a lot of moving parts, and we would like to involve you all as a part of it, but we’re still learning and this is something we’re constantly trying to improve.

We look forward to your feedback, suggestions, and answers as always.

Signing off,
Viki Community Team


Collections - I have a few …
Not all my collections are visible to all so, this is how I sort them.
There is one I named “Try, try, try again”, it’s for those shows that have no license in my region and I want to watch eventually, I think there was one show I actually could take of that collection.
I have another collection with channels of dramas I want to watch and another with shows I want to watch but doesn’t fit my mood.

So you asked why add them in collections? Before it was followed at first I was hoping that when licenses are there, that was after we had the option to send messages to the channel followers, we would receive a message that would say it. But that never happened.

Just as the once announced ending licenses information didn’t happen, and that was probably 2 years ago. I still don’t think it is appropriate when a paying viewer can’t finish a drama just because it went off-air while watching as the license ended.

So yes, because even the options for informing viewers are not used, the only way to get to know the status of shows is to follow the channels and look at them from time to time.

Make the channels invisible that have no license, so to clarify, you mean I do no longer get the - this show is not licensed in your region? But instead get nothing?

As a European that would be really annoying, I think other regions who have even less content to watch would agree. In Europe the explore function doesn’t really work, you get the channels if you sort them with Viki Pass Standard you get the standard solution from America. Either you give another filter that will make it possible to look for the region we are watching from, or you need to find a function that works behind the screen and doesn’t need us to give information. That would be enough for us an efficient explore function would do it.

P.S. Anything known if there is an issue since this week why disqus comments are not visible?

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Yes I would also like to be able to follow channels that are licensed but not for my region.


Yes, precisely that. Before collections came, following was a sign I liked the show a lot. Now it’s a consideration for future work. And it really doesn’t matter if the show is licensed or not. If there is a chance it will become licensed in ie. a year after the original broadcasting, I would very much like to have the option to follow it and be informed of the licence changes.

However, the follow button is missing on some shows which have a licence and are no longer on-air. So the issue is not limited to just the unlicensed shows.

No, please don’t. I feel this would be a step backwards. Some of us feel strongly about some shows which hadn’t originally gotten a licence on Viki. We would like to keep our hopes up.

The whole point with a follow button is that you get sent info on a show. “Hey, we got the licence!” or “Episode 1 is available”. You don’t get that from putting a show into a collection. We need a tool to keep us collectively informed on that show.


Hi the follow bottom is useful for us because it allows to know what are the next projects and to know when we can apply for a Cm or a team. Also we can add the new project to our dramas list for see…
I propose created a list with the next upcoming project without license list so we can to know what dramas needs license and request a lot. Also I propose put the dramas by year so if we can to decide what to see of dramas of this years we can looking for them by year.

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Fan channels:
I thought Viki created the fan channels because they were 100% sure they will get them licensed sooner or later. Especially when they add a synopsis and a thumbnail…

Follow & add to collections option :pray:t2::
It is definitely the only way available to have the projects, we are interested to watch / help volunteering, in one place instead of looking for each of them every time we want to check their license status

Is it possible that all fan channels (either licensed or unlicensed) get the follow and add collection options at least?



Many of us knew that if a channel was up and the Viki logo was there, it was NOT licensed. It was like our sign.

When the channel’s Viki logo disappeared with an official poster and synopsis, that was the “Ah, It’s licensed!” And many of us knew to start paying attention to what was about to happen.

Personally, I ONLY follow the dramas I’m a team member on. I got used to getting updates about the channel AND I was able to find the channel if I forgot about it. Like you said, at the time, they wouldn’t get licensed for years, and I would forget what channels I had volunteered on.


I add the channels/ dramas I want to watch in a privat list. later I will see if there is still a license or not, but when there is no follow button I often forget about this dramas and don´t find them anymore.
sometimes I follow dchannels to look if I can apply for moderation (if there is a license for us Europeans).
I also follow channels, even they are not out there to sub, to have easier access to add volunteers for this drama.


I agree with @marykarmelina & everyone’s opinion, but shouldn’t you discuss the changes with us ( volunteers ) before they are implemented by Viki. During this year many things happened that shocked us. So, please, before implementing any change, discuss it with us first, so that the shocks are lessened and we are prepared psychologically.
Is it possible that all fan channels without exception get the follow and add collection options at least?
By keeping the shows I am following in one place, it makes it easier for me to have the time and effort to search for them every time I want them to watch or work on them.


As others said, please let us again follow and add in our collections the unlicensed shows too. I have a lot unlicensed shows that I follow, it helps me remind that I have to fill the request form for it and be aware about the projects that I wish to work.

If Viki wants improve things, it´s ok, do it, but don´t take away the things that works good for us as you are doing recently.


@lutra wo siehst du das? ich sehe so etwas bei mir nicht.
oder meinst du die my watchlist, die man nur sieht, wenn man auf dem dramachannel ist und ein drama evtl. wo hinzufügen mag? die ist da nämlich schon seit monaten bei mir, obwohl ich die nie eröffnet habe.

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Vergiss es, mein Fehler, ich wollte die Kanäle, die ich unter Follow im Profil habe in einer Collection sammeln, was nicht ging, da viele keine Lizenz oder überhaupt nicht mehr da sind. Ich hab mich wohl so geärgert, dass ich es schlicht vergessen habe in der ganzen Zeit, die vergangen ist, seit die neue Seite da ist. Es gibt ja auch genug andere Probleme, ich hab den Post gelöscht.
Danke! Ohne dich, hätte ich mich wahrscheinlich gar nicht daran erinnert.


I’m not a Viki volunteer but have been a Viki user since 2010. I would like to make a suggestion.

When Viki determines a fan channel is “obsolete” (will never be licensed), can Viki communicate with the Channel Manager(s) (CM) informing them the channel is obsolete and does not need a channel team?

Then, could the CM communicate with the channel team advising the team of the change in Fan Channel status?

This would

  1. Free the CM and channel team to apply for another project and
  2. Give Viki an accurate picture of CM availability.

This is and has always been the biggest issue.