Coming soon....i mean never (solved)

I know other people already talked about that a French girl specially, i know i should shut my mouth but sorry. This coming soon section…i mean this never coming soon section.

  1. FOUR months (and maybe more) for a drama,
    a) Oh no mostly for movies from 8 years ago
    b) Most of the community doesn’t care/ or unfollow because it’s been too much time for exemple “Mr Six” (i don’t say it’s a bad movie) but 271 followers, same for “Wasted Time”.
    The majority doesn’t want most of the coming soon section, and you make those who want it 4 month. I just wanna see when it will be a “new” drama with all the hype…Will we wait 1 years ?
    Could you please just not put a drama in coming soon if it’s not coming soon and we wait so much time ? I mean a drama from 2008 which take 4+ month to be available, not if it’s coming in 2018

  2. TWO months for designate a Channel Manager
    a) For exemple Meteor Garden
    b) Did I need to quote you Viki “two weeks for designated a CM” Well…you fail
    c) You add lots of C-drama’s fan channels where there is no CM BUT you add 5-6 K-drama’s fan channel, that us european will never see (i don’t want to go deeper to this controversial subject) except one from KBS, SBS ou MBC et 1 other from random.

I guess most of people have already work in their life, so we all the now the stress when a customer wait because you’re too slow, too busy and don’t have time or whatever. But when you don’t give a shit about this boring customers and i said " your coffee coming soon just wait a little, this customers got on this table a beautiful picture of this famous coffee (like yeah you want it right, it’s yummy)…and 1 hours later this customers don’t have this coffee", do you think it will be okay ? Do you think a customer will be happy ?
So why are you doing that to us ?
Why aren’t you learning about what we (viki’s fan) saying ?
Did you NOT learn that you need to COMMUNICATE with us ? How many time we told/beg you to tell us what happen, to give us some news. If you say something like " two weeks to designate CM" if you don’t give us some explanation.

Conspiracy’s theory: it’s that why you did this badge-athon ?

Thanks a lot.
Lot’s of love


If you want the staff to see your complaint you should post in the Bugs & Issues section:

With regard to the “Coming Soon” section, I have to say this is the ONLY CLUE for a CM that the drama or movie is licensed. Many fan channels are not easily seen except if you search very carefully. This section gives me a heads up that something did license - and eventually will come in.

So I’m okay with the “here are coming things with licenses” part of this, definitely. It’s on the front page where I can get to it when I log in. Is everything showing up tomorrow? No. Some things the overlords don’t know when it will load either - but it has a license and that’s most of the battle.

And now for your picking on a movie that yes, I’m part of the Team for, Mr. Six. Look. Not everybody likes the same thing. It happens I am helping on this because yes, Yellowheart has helped me on several historical dramas. This isn’t my genre, but we help each other. As for the number of followers? Things have licensed with nearly no followers at all, but yet have viewers that love them.

Thanks for giving Mr. Six some press. :slight_smile: I haven’t seen it, I’ll get my chance when it comes in. :slight_smile:

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