Commercials (not the random Korean commercial)

Okay recently I have noticed there are an awfully large amount of commercials during my shows. At first you would get the one or two at the beginning and then two at the end and maybe (just maybe) one in the middle. But now I feel as though I’m watching drama off of another site that does this same thing. Has anyone else had this happen to them or is it just me?

No, for me too on the mobile app. I had one commercial every 5 minutes, minimum.

I also feel that on the newer shows the commercials have become excessive. On the latest Goddess of Fire there are 7 dots which indicate commercials and then there are at least 2 commercials per dot. On Viki’s rival there are only 4 breaks with 2 commercials on each break.

Viki still has the lead as there are not the pop ups or aggressive programing on this site, but only just. They need to rethink their funding strategy. There are many of us who would pay a nominal fee like we do on DF to avoid all these commercials.

Not just on the newer ones on the older ones too. I was watching “Pasta” last night (on my computer) and there were like 7 dots and about 3 or 4 commercials within each dot.

Am I the only one who feels really bad about using adblock? I would give money to them just for all the money they have lost because of me :c.


there are days I want to as well but I’m using safari not chrome or firefox

I would if they had a reasonable number of ads. But once the ads ruin the experience, I sort of stop caring that I’m taking away a teensy bit of money.

@raidonce There’s definitely adblock for Safari, if that’s what you were talking about.

Indeed on my computer and my cellphone …however i put an add blocker on my browser (i use dragon) and its working just fine also for my cell, i made my update from ice cream sandwich to jellybeans (i have an android phone ) and now i only have adds when i’m done watching my episode but the fun part its i able to skip it:)

what kind of phone do you have Miliefleurie? because some times there are ways to avoid publicity :smiley:

Iphone, and ipad. But that’s weird, some dramas have a big amount of ads and others have only 3-4 per hour. I tried many browsers and chrome is the one that fit the most for viki when I need to enter the website. I downloaded Photon for it’s ability to let me see flash, cause apple doesn’t like flash :frowning:
I admit that I kinda like to watch the korean ads, when I see them in dramas :slight_smile: It happens rarely, but sometimes recently !!!

there’s many drama that I actually see here without any add, and others have some and other way to many,the policy was driving me crazy!, now I have latin adds, I which I could see the korean ones those I rarely get, :frowning: , I don’t mind to see the music add ones but there is other ones that you can’t even skip

I watch on my iPad and I never had any problems, not even one commercial… And I am watching a couple of popular dramas. I stopped watching on my computer because of the number of commercials :frowning:

I did not have any ads on my apple features before. But now, I even see ads on the mobile app. I hope the VIP will come soon!

I love Adblock x)


Commercials reli suck far too many of them for one episode
noticed 7-8 commercials breaks per hour
its got to stop

I should be lucky then i’m not seeing any commercials on my mobile but a WHOLE LOT on my laptop which is too annoying …:confused:

use adbloker on firefox… it work like magic :smiley: