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Post here your troubles with VIKI bugs. Report and Post a solution.

Hi! I think this could be a useful resource for the community. I edited the title so it would be easier to understand. However, Viki also has the Help Center which contains lots of relevant information.

Continuing the discussion from Bug found:
The portuguese language are all missing in the VIKI.
Impossible to change the language of the site.
Impossible to see the channel descriptions in another languages.
Imppossible to see the thumbnail tips for another languages.
Impossible to update the language settings in my account settings.

The main ?locale=pt, description of the channels and the hovered tips in the video languages tips in the thumbnails.
All these are missing.
Solutions, please.

There is Portuguese available on Viki. If would like to update your language settings, go to “Account Settings” and choose the language from the dropdown under “Content Language Preference”. This will also let you see Channel descriptions in other languages.

Currently, if you wanted to change the language of the site, there is only English, Japanese, and Spanish available. You can see this in the bottom right corner under the robot character next to “Languages”.

Hope this helps!

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Please see, MY VIKI STILL SHOWING ALL THE CONTENT in english. :frowning:

Thanks for the screenshot! Please send a ticket with this screenshot into the Help Center to let them know about the issue. This makes it easier to track and follow up on bugs and other technical issues.

My profile is also set to portuguese. All viki website is in english, except for the channel pages that shows the portuguese channel page when there is one.

My Channel pages not. :frowning: