Connecting to my Devices

Was wondering why doesn’t Viki connect with all my other devices such as Roku & my home computer. I’ll watch my dramas on my television/Roku one day then on my Home Computer the next and there is no activity that i’ve been watching it.I’ts very frustrating when my husband is watching tv and i can’t remember what episode I Was on. Not only that but if I left off in the middle of an episode watching from Roku it will always gonback to the beginning leaving me fast forwarding to the part i left off with, extremely frustrating. I normally do not watch on my computer but my iPad is not working. Any Solution or is this it.

From Cry for Help ;>

I am wondering if you are logged in on all your devices when you watch. I know sometimes that I get bumped out of being logged in and this happens. Otherwise, computer to ipad is pretty consistent for what I am watching. Might be an episode behind but otherwise pretty good.