Connection between Master's Sun and real life-just a thought

When I saw this article pop up on the internet it immediately made me think of the scene in Master’s Sun between the soldier and his dog. Just a random thought for today

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:slight_smile::sob: Seeing your connection truly makes me cry a bit. I’m currently in HS but my ULTIMATE goal is to become a vet for organizations that help protect strays, so I have a big, big section in my heart for dogs, especially.
I totally forgot about this scene in MS. I quickly googled it and it rang a bell.
I just think that the relationship between a human and their dog (and/or animal!) is so special. Nothing can be compared to it cry but happy emoji
Sorry for the whole mood change lol

glad you liked it. It just hit me how much it was like that scene it was.

anyone ever heard of the angel dog? think it also was a movie. yes that one scene grabbed me too. people just don’t know how strongly people get attached to their animals be it a dog,cat or horse. being I am older now, so I fit that bill, my little dog is my companion, and I also have a cat, but they do keep me company, other than this Viki & DF and netflix and more, so if I lose them it will be heart breaking. close to losing a child… yes my heart went out to that young man.,