Consumerism - Household debt and embracing minimalism

A worthy topic. Dollars, and cents, better yet :smile:sense!
Tips you can use, :money_mouth_face: :bank: :atm: :money_mouth_face: Financially

This is Truth!
Prices of Basic needs should be capped!

  • Food
  • Clothing
  • Housing

:moneybag: Money :moneybag:
🪙 Nuggets 🪙

This is consumerism - it’s an entertaining watch.

Recycling, recovery, reconditioning, reuse - it has been done since ancient times and is also valid in present …
When you can’t afford new things, but you can refurbish and reuse old things, a visit to flea markets/junk shops can be a saving solution.
I like old things and only if I feel a special attraction, something that seems to be calling me, I buy, normally only what my budget allows… Many old things, things that I bought from flea markets, have been refurbished and reused. Moreover, some of them have found new owners. I like to bring them back to life or give them another life.This is my hobby.
At the flea market

  • old vase made of white clay and shards (approximately 100 years after the black color on the surface / the difference from the broken clay and the ceramic models, of course, it is made by hand, without firing in a ceramic oven).

Of course, it must be cleaned, the cracks repaired and then I will apply a layer of protective varnish.



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Decluttering is best done one small step at a time.

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