Contributors, How Many Of You Noticed This Update On Your Profiles?

Previously,When we start subtitling an episode on our profiles it used to show that it is updated a minute ago when we started it,for example we subbed an episode for 1 hour when leaving if we check the profile it used to show that it is updated an hour ago but recently on the profile the project is getting updated for every subtitle we write for example if I worked on an episode for an hour and when leaving if I check my profile it is showing that the project is updated a minute ago but viki did not give us any information regarding this actually I noticed this one week ago,at that time I was subtitling previews and trailers so I thought for every different video it gets updated and I ignored it and recently when subtitling and episode I noticed that it is updating at the last sub we write. I really liked this updating of episodes like this because previously even though I worked for a month daily it didn’t get updated and the project showed “updated 1 month ago” and I noticed this recently on others profiles too.
what is your opinion?
Do you like this update?

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I’m pretty sure they informed us about it in the New Updates topic in Discussions… I remember reading about it and then checking up on it.


I mean they didn’t inform us about projects getting updated for every subtitle we write.

I think they informed us that the contribution count would be more and more accurate with time, until it’s updated almost real-time, as you describe here.

Good to hear it’s working out for you.

I have had major problems with that - my projects would not get updated at all after I would start to translate them. So, my count is still inaccurate. I guess it’s going to take time.


Oh then I didn’t understand it properly. But I really like this update.

Yes it might take some time.hope it gets resolved as a soon as possible.


I actually like it too. As you said, it’s better than ‘‘updated 1 month ago’’.

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Yes that’s absolutely true!

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Agreed! It’s also working for me, which is awesome after those problems in the last years! :relaxed: