Copying other people's profiles ideias?

This is been happening to me for a while now, it’s the 4th time so I did a lot of thinking and this is probably the best way to put it out there. In the past I saved the person’s identify, the same won’t happen now.

Original - Copy

The person is:

In moments like this I never know what to do, that’s the reason I’m posting this here. I feel a little robbed.


Before Viki ruined my profile I also got the idea for mine when looking at someone else’s design and tweaked it to my own liking and made the banners myself. I also had people asking me how I made mine and gave them the basic coding of my profile. To me it felt kind of like an honor that someone wanted to have something like it. But it’s different then claiming something is 100% yours while it isn’t. In this case I think someone just liked your profile and wanted something like it too.

I had other rude incidents too, outside Viki, where people just removed my credit and claimed it as theirs. When I told them they got angry and said they made it themselves. And one time a person even said something was their while they didn’t even notice my credit was still in the picture. :joy:

All in all I don’t bother to much anymore, as long as people don’t claim my work as theirs or sell it to get money (I made t-shirts designs once too) it’s fine.


My profile has been copied multiple times since it has a lot of useful subbing info from Korean to English.

Since I made the profile to help other Ko-En subbers, I don’t mind others using my site or even copying it AS LONG AS they give credit where it came from. When people copy my profile, they literally just cut and paste everything (except for the dramas I worked on) that’s in my profile to their profile. Some people have asked for permission and I was more than glad to give my permission. But others have just copied the entire thing without asking or mentioning that they copied it from my profile and I think that’s rude. For instance, the only reason why I found out that one particular user had copied my profile was because another user was thanking and praising that user for the wonderful and helpful info on his profile. So I clicked to check it out and lo and behold, it was an exact copy of my profile. While I put all that info to help others, I did spend a lot of time finding and compiling these useful info and it would be nice and proper if people give credit where it’s due.


your profile page are so usefull and educative, no wonder…^^


Thanks. :slight_smile:

It’s obviously inspired by yours but definitely not identical. The most obvious things copied are the tags (moderator, manager translator) and the oval headings. However she has put some of her own effort. She separated stuff in vertical columns rather than horizontally, removed the little faces on the side which made the page too busy and spaced pictures to give breathing space and she did the rounded corners, which are not easy to make without special software, added the fuchsia “My Projects” and made it more girly with the butterfly.
So I would say that it wasn’t blind copying, but took some ideas from you to which she added some of her own personality.
I wouldn’t get mad, but then we all have different views and sensitivities about things. A complete copy paste yes, would have been irritating.

Nowadays I see she has changed it more. It is horizontal now and much neater. She says at the bottom that it was designed by her inspired by the viki app or something.


I found a profile where amypun’s avatar was straight-up just copied. That’s amy!!! Not this user! I was very confused.

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@sophie2you Thanks Sophie for alarming me about it. I’ve reached out to the user who copied my avatar and she apologized and removed it from her profile already. Hopefully, everything should be resolved now.


Teach me your ways! Your profile’s amazing :heart_eyes: