Creating vs.Updating a Subtitle/Segment

Does updating a sub or segment have the same weight as creating one? Does it count towards your contributions?
Updating a sub or segment is just as much work as making one…I’d want credit for it.

To my knowledge, updating a segment doesn’t add to your segment count.
I don’t really mind it though; many edits I make are minor and I don’t feel like they should count.

(Same with when I edit subs and I’m adding periods and commas - I don’t feel like my sub count should update from that, though it does in those cases.)

If there’s a lot of updating to be done with segments and you want cred for it, you could delete them and do them again, I suppose. It’ll subtract from the original segmenter’s count though.

Just like what scircus has said.
Or, you could ask the segmenter to edit his/her segments.

For me, I don’t really mind editing it, I know it would not count to my segment credits but I could get the credits from other projects.

Thanks @scircus and @auroratasya.