Customs and Traditions

Dussehra is a festival that celebrates the victory of good over evil. It comes at the end of a nine-day celebration called Navraatri. For nine nights people come out and dance traditional dances and celebrate each of the nine avatars of the goddess Durga and the culmination comes on the tenth day.

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I found a video with a recipe

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Last time I was mentioning the German Polterabend and now I found this video about German Weddings. Enjoy!

and about birthdays

102a8b6556ab05dd080b359e82f148d9a8ea2c2c_2_1042x1000 pic from temple festival in kerala. They have wheels and people move these around temple.

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In Jamaica, Rice and peas is cooked in every house hold.
The night before a funeral is being kept, there is a a little get together/ part called nine night/ dead yard. This is where drums are beaten which sometimes leads to people being possessed by spirits. Then as a tribute to the deceased an animal chicken/goat head is chopped off and the blood and white rum is sprinkled.



people round this tree 7 times and tie bells in it to fulfill our wishes