It’s been about 2 weeks since my request and I haven’t heard anything back from Viki telling me that my request has been approved or denied.

Wait it out a bit longer?
Depending on what show and/or how busy they are (and whatever else), it can take a while. I’d say 2 weeks is average response time, though I think I’ve waited longer…?

You should get a message from one of the community staff for each channel request, telling you if it’s approved or denied.

Else, you could message one of the staff or send a note to the help center enquiring about it some more.

Scircus is right. It takes a while to find out if it’s approved or not. I’ve made many channels and waited a pretty long to be approved, but it’s worth the wait.

I’m still waiting too…Any day now

I requested two movie channels. One is ‘Psychometry :clubs: The Gifted Hands’. The other is ‘The Man From Nowhere.’ I’m working on the pages a little just so that I’m not in a rush if they get accepted. Have you seen those movies?