Design a Channel Page

Can someone teach me how to design a channel page? I’ve been trying for a few days to create one but I’m not sure how to, by that I mean the length and width that the page can be. Include GIF’s in the page. Stuff like that. Is someone willing to show or explain to me how?

Generally you first need to have the image, In the viki editor you will see the image icon it will allow you to upload a photo y either from a computer or a site url. I usually do site url because I upload them to my imageshack account,
Secondlly to when you put the image if you right click it, go to the properties then you can edit the size you want.
When that’s in you can go in viki editor and change if you want it center or align it anyway you want.

For a gif it’s the same as an image but I think copy and pasting would be better. especially if you use sites like glitter graphic.

The background color I use a code and just change the rgb numbers for the color i want. For that you would need to go into the source page from the editor.

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div style=
“background-color: rgb
(25, 25, 112);”>

combine these to one line. I use the codes in this site,

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