Design a Page

What do you use to either design your channel page or the ‘About Me’ in your profile? I want to have animations and stuff but don’t know how to. What do you use?

Photoshop is your best bet. If you don’t have that you can use Gimp. If your going on the no animation route use its free as well and no need to download anything.

You also can ask someone who you know that design pages here or if you like a cover page in any channel design there is always the name of the creator in the team names, and you can ask to that person if she or he want or has the time to design the cover page for you.

I did the design of the pic in my profile. But no animations. sometimes the animations you see are little gifs from sites. But if you want to make an animation I use photoshop. It’s gotten expensive here so I just wait till I know of a dependable site to download it free. There is a very good teacher ( i say teacher) in youtube that teaches how to use photoshop. But as you said if you ask a page designer they will help you. :slight_smile:

If you don’t want to go through the whole hardship of learning photoshop or gimp, the built in editor can make decent work if used properly and you can link gifs in the image uploader like regular pictures if you want animation. For the channel page, usually you can recrute a page designer when you’re making your team. Most channel managers can do nice (or at least basic good) channel pages. Learning photoshop or gimp is great really but it requires lots of time, a good computer if possible and a liiiiittle bit of passion.

Your right. I had to learn photoshop for myself. I have no clue how to use Gimp (and its installed in my pc). But i like pixlr. The gif’s I can just add it myself from other sites into vikis editor. :slight_smile:

True. It’s much easier that way. I just use the built in editor as well.

Well for the design you can’t edit a photo in viki’s editor, so you will need something for that. everything else you can do in viki.

I’m looking for a designer page for the drama “Ti Amo Chocolate” if anyone is interested let me know and thank you.

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Hi I’m here again looking for a designer for the cover page of the Korean drama “20’s twenty years old” If interested let me know Thank you.