Designated channels for every drama


Good evening everyone,

As you might have noticed, there has been a difference between general security of certain channels. I would like for us to discuss about it and perhaps submit the idea of having only designated channels. We could maybe describe advantages and drawbacks of having a designated channel.

Why we shouldn’t have designated channels?

Encourage new subtitlers / segmenters to contribute. (Still as they don’t message moderator, they might have a harsh treatment and therefore do the opposite. Plus segmenters haven’t gone under training.)
Finish drama that would never be done, or were neglected. (But at what cost? And alone, without team?)

Why we should have designated channels?

Have a certain Security that encourage order and rules on Viki. (
Prevent new contributors to be considered as abuser.
Reduce difficulties of management one can encounter.
Respect every contributor on the team.
Improve quality, restrict long hours of editing and rectifying segmentation.
Experiment viki’s life with teamworkers
Favor exchanges and communication between new and old contributors, exchange experiences. Favor friendships.

Why should a particular channel be designated instead of others?

What are the requirements to become a designated channel? Why should some be designated while others are not. Are there more important channels? Who’s deciding?
Are Korean channels more important than Chinese ones?

I may have forgotten some key points. I’d like to hear your opinion on this subject and encourage Viki to take designated channels into consideration as to improve our “working” conditions, our well-being, and a security for all new contributors that aren’t aware of the main rules on Viki.

@camiille, @giant_sean, @amyk, think it’s important to know how Viki’s users are feeling and how together, we can help everyone enjoy our time here. We’re just wanting and trying to make things better. :slight_smile:


No. I don’t want Chinese dramas to be messed up just because its Chinese. Especially the fantasy and historical/period dramas need volunteers who do care about the setting.

Another aspect is that with the way it is right now, people need to get in touch with those who are already part of the volunteer community. It’s like joining a guild in a MMO game. I think the social aspect is important for learning but also for working together on reaching the aim. If someone wants to work by her/himself the person could just sub something on Youtube (there are many series with free for all sub settings).

The aspect that should be improved is the info how to find teams/dramas to work with as a beginner. They could add a tool that appears on the main page in which users could search for something but also apply for something, e.g. looking for subbers language A to B; offering subbing for language C to D.

The volunteer list should be updated to active members. If you look at it now, you may see thousands of members but many of them may be inactive already.

Old and uncompleted dramas may be opened to free for all but only if no one is working on it anymore/when it is not something special like fantasy/historical, e.g. a simple love story in our era might be something everyone can translate (as long as the person knows the languages - but who will check it, if the person understands it - and knows the own language also well enough - if no language moderator is there?)

What I could imagine is that there is a new category for editors. Someone may be good as editor and willing to edit but now you have to go through the segmenting and/or subbing proccess to be maybe able to edit.

So if there are several channels that aren’t edited yet and someone wants to work as an editor it should be possible to do so - and e.g.shows through the work on abandoned dramas that sh/e is capable of it.


That has already been tried via a tool called Volunteer Finder. Needless to say, it failed epically.

@justine_desmoulins, you could also suggest/consider that some channels have duplicates, where one is the finished product for the viewers and the other is a playground for volunteers (a mirrored version).