Detective Dee II now on Arte!

Hi !

Just wanted to share that Detective Dee is now on Arte until next week on Arte 7+ ! For French people, you can watch it right now hd on TV and rewatch it !
I’m currently watching it with all my family : ) My mother is enjoying it a lot !

(I remember Arte did some event a few years ago with Miyazaki movies : ) Chihiro etc.)

PS : I forgot something important : the movie is in French ! French dubbed voice !

Thanks for reminding me about Arte! There is a Korean movie too, A Girl at My Door / Dohee - Weglaufen kann jeder - I only have the German title now. It’s a movie with Bae Doo Na, Kim Sae Ron, … and it’s convenient for me as it runs with Korean audio and subtitles. But only available for another 5 days.It’s not a light movie though, it’s about violence and homosexuality, so probably not for everyone.

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Aah I hate to write on phone, each time I change a tab, my message is deleted !

I was saying in short : maybe it’s available in Germany too ! People might have to check on Arte. I know that they have subtitles sometimes in English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese.
They also have English voices or German voices sometimes, depends on the video.

I checked again Arte last week : there were documentaries about Hong Kong and North Korea. Didn’t watch them yet but really want to !
Do you know by any chance shows or reports or analysis of Angela Merkel ? I’m really interested in her and situation in Germany because of : Trump, Brexit, next elections, EU economy, Syria immigrants crisis and she was really criticized because she accepted Syrian people but problems with terrorism (Christmas market attack) and also how German live nowadays, their opinions on these topics.

I have to check what you told me ! Thanks a lot Lutra !

Aaah Im sad I just missed the movie. It was just after Detective Dee tonight on arte !!! I shut it down after DD and just went to check on the internet and saw TV program xd

They will show it again on arte :

  • A girl at my door : Friday, July 28th (1 : 10am in France, people might have to check in their timezone and if its available in their languages)
    Might be too late for me so I will watch it on TV via Arte replay application.
  • Detective Dee II : Wednesday, July 12th (1 : 30 pm in France) and Monday, July 17th (1 : 25 pm in France). It’s also watchable at any time on Arte replay on Tv application for a limited time.

(Source Tv program :

The movie is at the mediathek
Not to irritate anyone Arte is not a streaming site, it’s a European broadcast company.
About Angela Merkel, I wiill have to look around …

About how life is in Germany and the critical voices against Angela Merkel, you can send me a PM any time, I favor the viki inbox for this, if you want an open discussion, you would need to open a thread. I would answer your questions on my “simple” view of the situation right now. I am not living in one of our big cities, like Munich, Berlin or Hamburg but I am interested in politics and read the good old newspaper every day, if possible.

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There is a report at Arte about the G20, if you want to give it a try, in German it’s available in French you have to wait 2 more days
with a sense of humor

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Wow! You’re spoiling me too much, Lutra! Wow, thanks a lot! :grinning:
I will be sure to watch this report this week! Seems funny just reading the synopsis.
If it’s not too much asking and if you have time, I will be really enjoying reading your opinion and thoughts on topics above. I will try to watch something first and then ask more about it, it will be more interesting this way. I will send you a PM after watching some reports :slight_smile:

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