Detective Doggo Needs Your Help!

I’ve always been fascinated by stories with branching paths, where you are able to impact the characters, their decisions, and ultimately, their fate.
In this Choose Your Own Adventure, Detective Doggo is tasked with a very important case. Will you help him solve it? :spy::dog:

PS: When the video ends, please click or tap on the small preview windows to make a choice.

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@angelight313_168 I hope you’ll like it.

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@piranna My latest animation project. Please enjoy!

@cntv_854 I wanted to show you my new branching animation project. The idea was to innovate a bit on YouTube with various pathways and endings.

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Might be an interesting way to tell interactive viewer-chosen stories :slight_smile:

(and much work with more complexe stories^^)

The end scene when you could choose 1 of 2 videos should be bit longer. It always ended to fast and showed Youtube’s suggestion list before I could click at one of the videos so that pause rewind pause was annoying.

Did you watch that interactive show on Netflix? I didn’t try it yet but after watching your video I remembered it.

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So you didn’t like it. :crying_cat_face: That’s alright. :relaxed: Well, Netflix is Netflix. They have billions in the bank and can do whatever. Everything that you see in my videos comes from my own pocket and time. I would like to expand, so who knows? Thank you for the suggestions. I appreciate them. :bowing_man:

I see it more as a test video since the story is super short, but the idea behind (= interactive animations with different path) is nice.

And I don’t know if the interactive Netflix show is good or bad, that’s why I ask you. (Not seen yet)

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wow really entertaining and i had to try again bc i picked the wrong one. you are very creative!

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Thank you! I’m glad you liked it. Have a pleasant day, dear Wanda!

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Hey Adrian!

Thanks for sharing!
I’ve never played a “pick your story” with videos on YT! It’s a new idea!

Aah, I didn’t have time to click on the 2 vids at the end, I was thinking which one should I pick?? So I replayed it and the cat was saved from 1st try, but I haven’t tried the other choices, so maybe in all case scenarios, the cat was saved? XD
(Normally at these games, I’m dead at some point or the other player gave up so can’t finish the game!)

I was listening to jazz music when I heard the humanoid voice… Quite a shock!

Nowadays, there are lots of “pick your story” popping on mobile games, adventure or romance.
Even escape games in board games format are using this kind of “pick a choice” and when you’re wrong, they deduct timing!
Maybe we should do this for dramas.
I’ve heard that many great international producers were interested in producing Virtual Reality movies, so if they could mix it up and we would be the hero of the drama that we enjoyed watching or “live” a new “pick a choice” drama story, I’d want for sure try this new experience.

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Hello​:wave:, you’re welcome! Thank you for trying it out! :heart:

A Choose Your Own Drama type of format would be awesome actually. We could finally do something about the second lead syndrome. :sweat_smile:


Haha, I didn’t know you had it :slight_smile:
Your ideas are not bad! People refreshed the same concept to build mobile apps with animations. Basically, it’s the same game!

My nephew is still young to watch TV, so I can’t show it to him. But he likes dogs and their barking, so he’d probably like the cartoon, just the voice could make him afraid I think XD

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Thank you!
Don’t worry about it. I appreciate the thought.
Have a pleasant week!

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