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Hi guys,

I have heard from one of my friends that in Chinese social media and video websites, the suspense remake of Kill Me Heal Me is much more popular than Tribes and Empires and NIF 2 in total.

How interesting this drama called A Seven-faced Man haven’t got too much attention from Vikians!


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Here is a screenshot of the drama ranks.

I am one person that doesn’t like putting down any kind of drama( of course I have doen a couple) but here Heal me Kill me, the korean version is the tops for me, the actors & actresses awesome.

I liked the way Ji Sung, did each scene and he changed for each character! that was awesome to me. more realistic?? the other actors & actresses, awesome

Ok next on the agenda the Chinese version. I have tried my best not to be prejudice, critical, judgmental. I have tried not to compare these two dramas. but its there, anyone can see it. the actor has done his best, but his youngish features just didn’t cut it for me. the other actors and of course were good but… I do plan to finish this, that’s it. so I vented a bit

I also agree with you, I haven’t heard much about this one either I still like the Korean version better.

Thanks, @laura_fairytale, for this update. We don’t hear much about Chinese dramas and rankings. At least not in comparison to Korean dramas.

I’m SOOO surprised “Tribes” aren’t getting that much attention! I don’t understand. “Tribes” is such a superb epic drama. I wonder if China is too much used to these large-scale historicals, so they prefer something different atm. And I wonder if the original “Kill Me, Heal Me” was allowed to be broadcasted in China. If not, that could partially explain the success of “A Seven-faced Man”.

Your friend is wrong. Tribes and Empires is the number 1 drama in term of viewership online throughout its run except during the last leg of Game of Hunting when GoH had a higher online viewership. Note that T&E is a web drama so I’m talking only in terms of online viewership. Daily online viewership of T&E was always above 100 million. As of today 28 Dec, T&E has 7.4 billion online views.

To make a better comparison, As of 28 Dec, T&E is online for 38 days with 7.4 billion views while Seven-faced Man is online for 16 days with 1.7 billion views.

As for the screenshot, that is just the ranking of trending discussions the dramas had on the social media website Weibo as of that moment. For instance, currently right now, my Weibo indicated the top 3 trending dramas as My Huckleberry Friends, Empress of the Ming and Stand by Me. Empress of the Ming has just started filming! It was trending just because Lay Zhang Yixing has just joined the cast.



Care to translate? We don’t know chinese so it will help us to see the ranking numbers. Thanks for sharing.

You can find the current online ratings for Chinese dramas here: https://cdramabase.com/online-ratings/

Although A Seven-Faced Man isn’t ranked 1st, it is indeed quite popular. One should also take into consideration that this drama only airs on Wednesdays till Fridays (see airing schedule: https://cdramabase.com/weekly-airing-schedule-web-dramas/), so the ratings will naturally be a little lower on days when there isn’t a new episode.

The Korean Kill Me, Heal Me is one of my all time favorites, but I’m still enjoying the Chinese version a lot. Zhang Yi Shan really is an amazing actor, I believe they casted the right person for this role. And I’m liking the female lead even better than in the Korean version. Less so the brother.

People really should give the Chinese version a chance. Most international fans aren’t even trying and say it can’t compare to the Korean version anyway. It also took me ~3 episodes to get into it, but now I can’t wait for the new episodes.


I’m going to watch it now. I was just watching Hwanghi and will have to wait so during those days i can enjoy 7 face man. Thank you and thanks for the link.

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And that’s why I have to put down the editing pen and finish watching Tribes and Hunting both. :slight_smile:

And I also need to track down and view the second half of Advisors Alliance - Growling Tiger, Roaring Dragon. all the best stuff is in THAT second half!!


Crouching Dieter, Hidden Donut the reasons watch both…do you really have to ask? CD, HD still cannot believe HU GE flipped a girl onto a DESK! whoooaaa…. finally, a combo of a younger, more masculine and the damaged hero of NIF and DMY! it’s kinda like SUPER HU…GE! er… As for Tribes…c’mon. AA though will grow on you…and nothing like Liu Tao with a sword in her hand, oh yeah! :slight_smile: (now where IS that jade hairpin!!)

How can i get english subtitle for my huckleberry friends ?