Do you have someone to share your love for Asian culture and dramas with? How do your family and friends react to this "love" of yours?

My late husband was a huge fan of K drama from the first time they were available in Hawaii on KBFD in the early 1980’s. Even though neither he nor I are ethnic Korean, he loved all things Korean after he made several research trips in the early 1970’s. KBFD used to sub K drama and their subs were so good they were a major source of the English subs sold with DVDs at For many years, he usually watched K drama alone from about 8 pm to 9 pm every night. I would occasionally watch – I do remember watching Stairway to Heaven and hearing the Ave Maria now still evokes images from Stairway and Winter Sonata. He even learned how to program the VHS recorder in order to record episodes when we went out. Everyone in the family used to joke about Dad’s obsession with Kdrama and I used to complain that if I died before him, some Korean woman was going to get all my jewelry.
In 2009 I sat in to watch around episode 34 of Glory of the Family, and I got addicted. I HAD to watch the beginning of the series and found the series being translated on I loved the OST and in order to understand the lyrics, in 2009, I started taking university courses in Korean. I used to marathon, watching a whole series in several days. Thus began my love affair with Kdrama which is now over a decade old.


I totally understand. Same here. I want something light and entertaining. Those are literally my two “demands”. In terms of stuff to watch, I am a very simple girl to please. Hahahaha!

I’ve heard a lot of great reviews about “The Glory”, to be honest. If this were a couple of years ago, I bet I, too, would have jumped to watch it. But I guess I’m in a different period in terms of what I like nowadays. I did hear about the actress, though. I know she was getting a lot of hate beforehand, but I didn’t find out why. Is she the wife of the guy that played the ML in “Descendants of the Sun”? For some reason I seem to have that idea from somewhere. However, I did hear that she was fantastic in her role in “The Glory”. I know my friend really liked her in the role too.

Ohhh, interesting. I’ll check the video out. Thanks! :heart:


I’m the only one who’s into Asian stuff in my family as far as I know. And most of my friends are not into it either, except for the ones I met online. I shocked my friend once when I told her I’m going to SMTown in Paris. She thought it was so out of character of me… she thought it was some sort of 18+ event. I died laughing. Many family members thought it’s a bit odd but I always been the odd one in the family so I don’t care. At the very beginning my parents thought it was childish that I liked manga and anime but soon my mom bought me manga and other stuff so…

Most of them have watched a drama or a movie, have been thinking of going Japan over the past few years though. My dad asked if he could watch a drama on Viki but he never got past the first ep. Most heard some songs they like over the years. You hear BTS a lot in the supermarkets etc these days and Psy’s Gangnam Style was such a huge hit here it became annoying. And I’m sometimes tagged when somebody sees something Kpop/Korea/Japan related. And a cousin sometimes sends me links to events and has asked me if she could get me anything when she saw a shop with manga and merch.

And my sister in law surprised me a lot when she suddenly said she was really liking Squid Game which at the time I didn’t watch yet. So I was like nice! Turns out she watched it dubbed because she couldn’t get used to the Korean :confounded:

Sometimes I think it would be so nice to have someone to watch drama with and then not with a watch party on Viki but in real with some snacks, drinks etc.


I so agree, my family thinks its stupid, and I could do something else, well y’all can laugh if you like, but try to crochet & watch these dramas with the subs! so I miss a few stitches while trying to crochet AND looking up to catch the subs,. my family thinks I am nuts. dudie said it nicely in the last sentence…

[quote=“dudie, post:23, topic:51274”]
Sometimes I think it would be so nice to have someone to watch drama with and then not with a watch party on Viki but in real with some snacks, drinks etc.

so yes, Bible study, other groups but watch a drama with me!!


People are usually surprised when they find out that I watch Asian dramas. But when I tell them that I also contribute to Viki (I have to explain the whole process of releasing a subtitled episode), they think I’m stupid and that I’m wasting my time. :expressionless:
Sometimes, it’s not easy being an international fan.


My journey started 8 years ago, I was introduced by my dad. My dad has always been into Films and TV shows so that’s probably were my loved for it came from. We had some Chinese and Japanese films when I was younger (dubbed) and in the 90s I got into French and some German sub films (I’m from the UK). But about 8 years ago my dad watched a show and wouldn’t shut up about it. Not a month would go by without him mentioning it and trying to get me to watch it. About a year later with nothing to watch I finally decided to give in and give it go. It was a big adjustment and after ep 1 my shoulders where touching my ears from cringing so hard, but I kept watching and by ep 3 I had fallen for the show hard, that show was Goblin, the lonely and great God. I rewatch it every year.
Since then I have watched so many shows that the majority of my viewing now is probably 80% Korean. I have a favourite 10 or so that rewatch every year, and some I know I will never watch again, lately I love finding shows that break away from the norm of Kdramas, because when you watch a lot of them, they can become predictable, especially when newer shows are upper there game. My biggest joy is being able to share and discuss shows with my dad, we don’t watch all the same shows but there are many we do watch at the same time.
Some of my ‘classics’ that are rewatch at least once a year since they came out - Goblin, Fight for my Way, Oh my Venus, Another Miss O, My Sassy Girl, Our Beloved Summer. I just finished My Dearest, and loved it, It’s Okay not to be Okay, It’s Okay it’s Love, Whats wrong with Secretary Kim, The Extraordinary Attorney Woo, Twinkling Watermelon

Some shows that I may rewatch every so often but like them because they go outside the box, even just a little are: Strangers, Our Blues, Moving, Daily Dose of Sunshine, Our Dating Sim, Celebrity, Divorce Attorney Shin, My Liberation Notes, Little Women, My Name, All of Us are Dead

There are probably more I could add to both lists and then there is a whole longer list of shows that I do like and may even rewatch or like them up to a certain point, but that list would be problem close to a 100 or more…and I’m sure that I think of a number of shows I wished I had mention after hitting the reply button.

As you tell I have no chill when it comes to my love of Korean shows.


I remember visiting my brother some years ago and realized he was watching a korean drama at that time. I was quite astonished and asked him “What is this? you´re watching something from Korea?” …Years went by and I can´t tell you why but I started Extraordinary attorney Woo" and was hooked. And drama after drama followed. Haha. But thinking back there was actually an amazing film decades ago which was a true masterpiece and I loved that movie a lot . And it´s Wong Kar Wai´s “In the mood for love”…it will always have a special place in my heart.