Do you know the name of this drama?

dont know much about the drama,

all i know is that a little girl maybe about 5 years old was abandoned at the train station?

i think she was left with a teddy bear not really sure
Also maybe a maid took her inheritance. There was also another girl around the female leads age with the same bear because her dad gave them both the bear

I know about the drama but can’t think of the title yet.
I will look into my notes, and write you back later.

After some research I think it was WOMEN OF THE SUN, can’t think of any other train station scene where the older adopted daughter in fear of losing the attention and love of her parents abandons her little sister and biological daughter of the parents.

I don’t think that is it. It was an older lady that left her at a station and she is crying for her. as the train drives off with her. She as an adult comes to live at the same house as the “sister” for some time but dosen’t remember her. She drops her box with the bear in it I think there was a scene when they were young with the dad fishing.