Do you like Lee Min ho?





BABES! He’s still my BABES!

Too many OPPAS so little TIME!



Minho Minho Minho




Honestly, @vivi_1485 :smile: you’ve got to start at the fight, then follow along down to when the suggestion of a lawyer came about :rofl::laughing::joy: right there I got disqualified to represent :rofl:


Can I represent myself???

My post ups keep me in the Minho Realm running under Pleading the Fifth


@kdrama2020ali this girl never agree!!!


He is not mine yet!:sob:


I have not waved the white flag! ahahahahahahaha

His eyes SPARKLE




@padmalayag You are such a good SPORT

Oh Lord make me STOP


Even lord can’t stop you just go ahead and I will just watch!


You can, but it’s always advised against, you might miss blind spots. Even though it looks like you’re winning, even without a case :joy: a good pi, lawyer, and judge will sniff out the evidence :laughing::rofl:
Private Investigator :joy:

Lawyer :laughing:

And the judge


Hey - The judge is cute!!! bahahahahahahahaha!


Aw… No fair! Not a one of them is my Oppa! :rofl: More like 내 아들 :rofl: (My son) :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :dancer: :rofl:



Nor mines, like you, they are a whole younger generation. But it’s fun to see the passions run in young blood. Hence, the reason we continue to enjoy these dramas! :sparkles::wink::+1:t5::smile:


:rofl: here is one of the toughest I have seen from

Good for you! Use that armor, that tough shell! Believe in yourself!


Thanks! Good night it’s 1:44 am here.
And my likes are over!


Get some sleep dear, night, night.



Minho is dumbfounded!

(Seriously I have a major crush on Seo In Guk - DOOM) Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh