Do you like Lee Min ho?



SWAG!!! ZING!!! :purple_heart::kiss:



I think I WON!!!


Heyyyyy! I’m just busy I will never give up!!!
First of all tell his dob or raise a white flag.


What are you all going to do about the baby tho’? Looks like @padmalayag got a piggyback ride from the king!:woman_shrugging:t5: The king’s harem is brutal :sweat_smile:



It is coming up - He is a Gemini/Cancer
June 22

He got all my Presents

I did so know his bday was in JUNE!!!


I know you googled it :unamused::roll_eyes:



Aw, He gives the best Piggy Backs! He’s so darn TALL


OM MY Daebak


Hahahahaha!!! I’m actually sitting here laughing out loud at this. So funny!!!


I’m watching him take off his clothes! You know ME!!! hahahahahahah! He just put on PJs





I am really struggling to get beyond ep 1 of The Good Doctor. What is wrong with me???


Oh My! And him on that darn horse! Is worth It!

He is such a beautiful MAN


Yeah, I know he is supreme eye candy. I think I have ‘squirrel syndrome’ in which I am easily diverted to what looks like a juicier drama. Sigh…


Yes, I have that problem SEVERELY - And it depends on my mood what I want to watch

I wanna go RIDING with Minho!

He needs to do another historical he looks so good in those darn costumes


Take me too!


I’ll ride with Minho on his Horse
We will make sure you get a nice pony!


Then what about in guk ?


Well, I have that dilemma plus I have 5 streaming services to pick from. Oh the humanity!!! LOL.