Do you like Lee Min ho?


I so wish he’d answer you!:rofl::rofl::rofl::sob:


Not if it’s arranged! Ah! Ha! :wink:!


Oh my Gosh! I so love when he takes his late walks at night at about 2 am in Seoul! I just wanna hang out with him - (I wanna say something else but its naughty so I won’t bahahahahahahaha) @padmalayag would get mad.



I can’t with that "me too!":face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Okay, I see that we have a “Minnie Me Too” movement starting here.

I think you’ll have to start walking a bit earlier in the wee hours to see if you can catch him at a convenience store or an ATM.

“Excuse me sir, what time does your watch say?”

“It says zero zero colon zero zero colon zero zero.”

“Oh, then it’s the perfect time to zero in on you!”

(I’m assuming a 24-hour and not a 12-hour timekeeping device.)


Do I have to say it in Korean? - I need to learn before heading over to Seoul!



It always happens here and it is a cold war between me and @kdrama2020ali


Definitely why wouldn’t I get mad hahhaha!!


Staying out of the boxing match on this one. Well, maybe I’ll just zip into the kitchen and get me a coffee . . . and maybe pull up an arm chair . . . Oh, wait, I have to find my fuzzy socks to keep my feet comfy.

Wow. Life is rough in the Minnie-verse. I had no idea.



He’s He’s Mine




Viki discussions




@padmalayag since you like the PHS gif


Thanks dear I ll try to post some too :revolving_hearts::revolving_hearts::heart::heart::heart: By the way the gifs are so nice sorry sorry leeminho is awesome :sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses:


This has the Baby Bird Factor that I use to judge a hottie’s worthiness to be on my list. So naive and innocent and sweet-looking.

The BBF is how much a hottie makes you wish you could scoop him up, put him in your pocket, and feed him gimbap because he’s soooooooooooooo sweeeeeeeeeeeeet!

I am firmly Team Yoonie in that regard, but I must admit Minnie’s got quite a bit of BBF!


@kdrama2020ali is absent he is mine now :hugs::hugs: he is already in my :heart::heart: heart :purple_heart::purple_heart:


You do Just Want to Put several of these guys in your Pocket -

I’m here!!!


He’s up - It’s 12:51 AM in Seoul - He’s waiting for me to reply so we can go on one of his walks!


Looking pretty adorbs and wistful . . .




Yeah, yeah, Minnie gots tha BBF . . .

But Yoonie gots it mooooooooore!!!


(Flower Boy Next Door gif from the Confessions of a Dramaholic blog)

“I’m working hard to make the world a warm and fuzzy place!”


Woo Do


The Boys Together Again - I miss them


Given that a whole generation of Korean guys have grown up under the influence of social media and streaming platforms . . .

And given that a big chunk of the guys who earn a living from those media have all arrived at the age where military service is required of them . . .

I think it is to be expected that the hottest of the hotties would be transitioning from devil-may-care free-wheeling, playboy roles to very lean and mean roles.

Adulting looks very good on JCW.

By the way, Discobot asked if I wanted to post this picture again in this thread. Of course.

In fact . . .

And . . .

And . . .