Do you like Lee Min ho?


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Hello My Minnie Boy! How are You?



Aw, The King:Eternal Monarch


He’s master of the firm gaze.


Just for fun, click the image for full view:



Weapon #1 - His Eyes

Weapon #2 - His Body

Weapon #3 - His Lips
Weapon #4 - His Nose and Adams Apple


Should I keep Going


Mine were funny, (and actual weapons!) except for the dorky sweater (although it looked darned good on him!).
Yours are serious. I fully agree that the weapons you have displayed are far more dangerous to female hearts.
P.S. His height could also be considered a bonafide weapon (I think I read somewhere that he is 6’ 2"). Should I mention that the first guy I dated was 6’ 6"? Do I have a thing for taller men? (I’m 5’ 5"). I rest my case. LOL!


I was trying to be FUNNY - It wasn’t FUNNY! I thought it was FUNNY!!! GET IT! hahahahahahaha!
I am 5’1" I would have to wear $3,000 - Jimmy Choos to stand next to him - he would rest his arm on my head.


Seriously though, he uses those weapons (nose, eyes, etc.) well. Hahaha!!!


His long legs make me crazy! He would definitely have to do “manner” legs around me! I just want to go on one of his 2 am walks - I’ll try not to talk too much!



Aw Man - @misswillowinlove
Minnie has been left to his own devices lately @padmalayag
I believe he wants me to go on a 2 am walk!
Wow - Come Hither - he is saying to me - where are my heels! :heart:


Hope all is well for you! :sunny:


So sweet of you dear! I’m perfectly fine :slightly_smiling_face: hope you are fine as well.
Due to time management issues I’m being busy.
After so many months I started binge watching dramas. I’m watching penthouse I’m just coming online here and not able to interact with my ppl you and @leerla73 :heavy_heart_exclamation:


I figured you were busy - I see you pop up here and there in other threads just wanted to check in!

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Absolutely! I love Lee Min Ho. Though I don’t find him very handsome but his personality is awesome


See he is giving me a heart :heartbeat:

:crazy_face::crazy_face::crazy_face: Not for you.


I’ll take that Minho and RAISE you a WET Minho!!!


It’s midnight already tmr mrng I will blast this thread with Minho.


OK I’ll give you some good photos in a little while!!! Nite


Oh, goody! Another Mighty Minnie who has the best photos he’s mine smackdown!