Do You Sing?

As we all know, Korean men, particularly in Kdramas, love to sing. You do not have to twist their arm. They love to sing and have you love their singing. So I’m wondering, since men breaking out into song so freely is so far from my own culture, how many of you love to sing? I myself enjoy it. Do you sing? Or would you sooner perish than get up at karaoke?

If you do sing, have you sung online on any of the karaoke sites? Drop a comment. I would love to hear what if anything you sing. If anyone has any links to singing OST songs, or any songs really, feel free to share a link. I smell talent out there among the Vikians.

Yes! I loooove to sing!! :heart:.:heart:.:heart:.:heart:.:heart: Although I’m very veryyy shy to do it in person and I’m not so good at it hahaha.

Have you heard about Smule Sing app?(for apple devices and new androids)
BEST APP I ever had! Is a karaoke app where you can sing with people all over the world and do solos,duets or groups songs. Is really cool!

In the link below I sing with a teammate. Is a mash up of the English version Dj is mine by WonderGirls with Love you like a love song(Selena Gomez) music background.(I’m second voice :S)

Do you have a link or something?

---------Sorry for the long post-----------


That wasn’t too long and there is no limit haha. I LOVED that! You did a great job. I wasn’t familiar with that site but I will have to get that app. I have been singing with people around the world on SingSnap. I rarely use the video but it is an option that is pretty cool. You can see people singing side by side. I don’t know if it will link without signing in but here is a duet I did with a guy who lives far away. It’s “Lucky”

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Hi there!

Since you’ve mentioned singing, I looove to sing.
I usually cover Korean and Japanese songs and post them on Youtube.
I also collaborate with other coverists and sing Idol group songs.

Here’s a sample:
Lollipop - BigBang ft. 2NE1

I sing Dara’s part there :smiley:

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I love that! Excellent job!

Wow Wow! Love your voice!!! :heart: Absolutely beautiful

Didn’t knew about that site.

Thanks Suvii02. It’s a really fun site.