Does Anyone Know Where I Can Watch These Dramas? 😊


I Would really like to watch these dramas (both with[ Li Yi Feng] ( I can’t find them.
Does anyone know where I could watch these? Thank you :slight_smile:

↓ Tales of A Fashion Buyer 解忧买手店 ↓

↓ ↓ ↓Love in Numbers ζ•°ε­—ζ‹ηˆ± (FOUND THIS ONE ALREADY) ↓ ↓ ↓


Sorry, no. But you could try requesting Viki to get them, I think. Though I’m not sure why the link is so hard to find. Maybe that’s on purpose…


Thank you :smile:


Can you use iQiyi or Youku in your region? iQiyi has both two dramas.

The second one, Love in Numbers is not a drama but a micro film made by Xstep China.


Thank you :slight_smile: I actually have used both IQiyi and Youku in my region.
I Found the second movie (Love in Numbers) without subtitles (which was kind of Okay sunce I have studied Mandarin to a HSK 3-4-ish Level, so I can understand most things… exept Jokes lol :smile:) But I was kind of disappointed in it, Oh well… I was watching it because Li Yi Feng anyway :grin: Again
Thank you :slight_smile: I will definitely check IQiyi for the other drama


Try to find by search engine. You might find them.

#8 is another you might try, I just discovered that one.

how that?? and I deleted that other message of mine. there were two others that mentioned that site, so hopefully, I did ok with this… thanks again angelight!!


lol @frustratedwriter. Do the blur spoiler thingy bc you are not suppose to mention other sites here in Discussion.

Be careful going in those sites bc some can give malaware/virus to your computer. I learned my lesson years back.


uh oh, i sure don’t need those malware/viruses, thanks! hopefully it isnt too late to do that!!


Some computers (mine for example) warns me immediately, and cleans it up for me. One time only it was really bad, but I took it to where I bought it, and they fixed it up for free since I had warranty back then.


I just put mine into the cleaning mode, a just in case type thing, better safe than sorry,

aaw my little dog with wings! cute!!!


You are so very welcome, and I’m glad I was helpful. GOD works in mysterious ways, and HE must have felt you needed this warning.


so glad I got Angels around me protecting me!! some may not believe that, but I sure do!!