Does DramaFever also has a volunteer subbing team?

Does DramaFever also has a volunteer subbing team?


Then how do they get all the dramas subbed? Just curious

They pay professionals. Just as Kocowa. And just as the illegal websites (some of those have pretty good translations, although they lose all local flavour)

thanks! good to know. and we appreciate out volunteer subbers. I have learned so much about these people that volunteer. a fine note here, some of those places don’t have good subs either, also I noticed “Netflix” misses out on some of the subs. so here at viki, top notch in my book

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but the quality is at times (often) lacking, no lyrics and missing subtitles… I believe strongly they are never as detailed as on Viki, there are rarely if any elaborations on some wordings/names or idioms.
You will never see timed comments which gives the dramas spice because it ads additional entertainment. Once you are used to them you will miss them greatly.
Also the commenting pages are more interesting on Viki. But to each his own. Subtitling and volunteering at Viki is a labor of Love and community spirit, one can learn a lot and make friends across the globe. :heart_exclamation:


Agree, the timed comments are something that always make me smile or get more into the plot!

all said & done, Viki tops it in my book, and yes I do love the discussions here, your last sentence says it all, Make friends!! YES!!

so fun to find out about the holidays from different countries and the food, awesome and we can get it right here on Viki!

been at least a year that DF doesn.t have its discussion board, so I do this on Viki and I have really enjoyed the friends I have made,

enjoyed the discussions and just everything
oh yeah Viki do keep up the good work , subbers, writers etc.

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