Does HEARTBLEED BUG effect us @ Viki?

With all of the recent lists of safe sites etc, does/ will the Heartbleed Bug be of any concern here?
Please let us know.

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info we all need to know.

as far as i know if u check the one software guy’s website that was on the tbl post, you can check. but i haven’t tbh most of my online acc are just dumb stuff i rarely put my real info on unless its like gmail idk here’s the post link bruh

This really scared me :0
I didn’t even know about this thanks for the info !!

Hey everyone!
Here’s the email we sent out a few days ago about Heartbleed:

A few days ago, a vulnerability was revealed in a widely used encryption software used by much of the Internet. Immediately after learning about this vulnerability, referred to as the “Heartbleed Bug,” our team launched an investigation and applied a fix across our system. You can learn about the Heartbleed Bug here:

While we don’t believe any of our customer accounts have been compromised, we recommend that you take extra precautions by changing the password on your Viki account. To change your password, please visit your account settings here:

For those of you who have the Viki Android app, we recommend that you update to the latest version of the app.

For any questions, please contact the Viki Help Center.

Rohit Dewan
Chief Technology Officer"

If you have any questions, please just shoot us a note through the Help Center :).

what if our account is linked to facebook? do I need to change the password for my facebook?

now this is the reason I started the topic … how to change password, when you forgot your password, hahahah so can anyone here please help me retrieve my original password , thanks guys xx