Done with Dramafever

Be careful, do not prepay a year or six months for #Dramafever because you cannot get your money back. I have a suspicion they hire people to pepper the comments and reviews so they can agitate people and get hits. But there is no place to discuss such matters and their support is completely of no use.

I think some kids working there got carried away and gave privileges to some rather creepy people to spike the comments. If you look at the creep history, they all have the same number of videos watched: 50 and each have about 100 +reviews. Some even type and use the same syntax under multiple identities.

I will stay with #Viki in a community where people actually have a voice.


I only go to drama fever if I absolutely have to… like if there is a drama I really want to see but VIKI doesn’t have it. I watched 49 days there. Otherwise…NOPE! Viki has such a better community and every time I go onto drama fever I experience some sort of problem.

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What I find the most aggravating is that their support is so unresponsive. I have explained the problem countless times, and they don’t do any research, they just send a boilerplate answer. I don’t mind if they apply the same policy on comments, but when I see that two commenters are there to pepper the site for clicks and taunt regular commenters, they can have it. No thank you.

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lately, i keep coming to that site since they release the show that i been watchin faster now… but the weird thing is… if i rewatch that show here, i feel that they has same translator… at least there always part like that… lol…

Wait you see the same subs from dramafever on viki or the other way ? Or do they just resemble ?

it’s too weird to be called resemble,
here sub from df…

00:40:16,650 --> 00:40:20,530
Why are you doing this for me?
Why are you buying me a bike?

00:40:20,530 --> 00:40:24,030
- Why? I can’t do that?

  • Of course not.

00:40:24,030 --> 00:40:26,350
Your girlfriend is
already suspicious.

00:40:26,360 --> 00:40:28,690
You just said it. It’s
just a misunderstanding.

00:40:28,690 --> 00:40:33,650
What I mean is that I don’t understand
why you’re being kind to me…

00:40:33,650 --> 00:40:35,490
Don’t try to understand it.
Just accept it.

00:40:35,490 --> 00:40:39,000
Misfortunes come without reason, so
fortunes come without reason, too.

00:40:40,420 --> 00:40:43,190
You haven’t met anyone who’s
just nice to you with no reason?

00:40:43,190 --> 00:40:46,010
That only happens in fairytales.

00:40:46,010 --> 00:40:47,980
You’re not ‘Daddy Long Legs.’

00:40:47,980 --> 00:40:51,630
Then think of it that way. I’m tall.

00:41:09,320 --> 00:41:16,980
Okay, if he can feel
at ease by helping me

00:41:18,270 --> 00:41:22,290
then I’ll go abroad and
study for you, Ahn Jin Soo.

Discovery of love e13 pt4

I would not be surprised. They are doing everything to fix the bottom line. Easy solutions, particularly since now Scoompi announced a collaboration with K-drama. Between Viki and K-drama, Dramafever is becoming obsolete. By the way, K-drama has a great library of old dramas.

I absolutely love Viki! is seriously the best site to watch dramas because of the quality and the community :slight_smile: I never go to dramafever to watch dramas, I once did with emergency couple and I hated it because the quality kept changing from 360 to 240, ugh…Never happened that to me on viki, with the same internet connection. I just go to dramafever because of the news section which is fun. But Viki rules! lol

Hmmm in DF there is real people who are fans like us and interact with the dramas’s calamities in comments box i mean korean dramas i didn’t try others drama even though as you said here we have voice there its like we are dealing with company that say “watch with silence plz” :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
definitely viki is the best, but i can’t give up on DF the thing is sometime dramas available there but not here.
also the thing that i like there is if i was watching drama and i stopped during exams or something and get back i can get my history and see where did i reach also if i stopped in certain episode at certain time and get back to it later i can resume the video at where i stopped
the Que tab also useful to remember what drama i would watch next x-x
one last advantage in DF is i never found "DELETED episode or not working " if viki can fix that it would be great, but i guess because its not the staff who control dramas so its impossible.

so thats why i can’t give up on any … i love viki and DF
and everyone has different point of view

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sometimes i watch dramafever but viki all the way. personally, i believe viki has better subtitles and the timed comment just adds to the experience. ahh gotta love viki.

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They take our subs line by line. I watch the same ep weeks later on that site and it’s identical in many instances. That’s why the timing is even the same