Don't be lame, subtitle accurately

I discovered that in some projects there are segments open during open credits or music when there isn’t dialogue or singing. Some of these segments have nonsense letters like “laielfjlt.” Please remember many people rely on subtitles and if you’d like to volunteer, please do so honorable. Thanks! :wink:


Aaand… we’re back to the quantity over quality motto Viki has recently taken.

If people insert fake sub, wrong language in the subs on purpose, use google translate or stolen subs to sub report it to Viki
Be sure to have some proof too and mention where it happens so they can investigate it faster.

You don’t mean team credits right? Or the subs NSSA/Seg101 teachers use to teach segmenting?

Clarification? Because segments during opening credits and music are meant for those things to be translated…?

Q fue lo que hice mal. Hay algún problema con mi versión de viki. Yo Trate de subtitular en los capítulos q me dijeron pero estaban cerrados y seguí buscando hasta q encontré uno q podía subtitular. Y ahora me sacaron del equipo. Aparentemente necesitaban arreglar los subtitulo en ingles para poder subtitular en español pero esos capítulos ya estan traducidos en otro idioma. No se. Consejos para no meter la pata en mis próximos proyectos.

Thanks for the link.

By credits I didn’t mean team/seg101 credits. I mean boosting one’s numbers when they didn’t sub correctly. Sorry for the misunderstanding.

Yes, music and open credits are meant to be translated. I don’t mean those, I meant segments present when a scene is panning and there are no words/music/dialogue


The suggestion is interesting and correct. But I think it isn’t cheating. However, there is something what we can’t leave ignored. If there are empty rows, it seems as if it wouldn’t be fully translated into the series. And unfortunately, many people don’t start to look at these cases. Also, if the subtitles are translated into English, the other languages as well so it is.
In my opinion, it shouldn’t be given to the lyrics, it only draws more attention to the subtitles. But, the music is the mood enhancement effect.
Maybe I don’t think well, but I think the solution lies in that the songs shouldn’t be segmented, and will not incur an empty rows, and without any translation of the lyrics, the subtitles will complete 100%.

I suddenly wonder if you can show an example @teawithme because personally I hardly see that what you mention. (Subs when it’s not for team credit, songs, signs, newspapers etc) so I’m kind of curious how ‘bad’ it is since you made this topic.

Hey, sorry bout this. This post was only meant to be a reminder based on something I ran across a few times. I apologize about my tone, I really didn’t think others would react so strongly and defensively. I honestly just wanted it to be a simple reminder and obviously my frustration came out. Sorry. Should it occur again I’ll use the suggestions you offered.

Hi Dear,

You’re right. I mean subtitles that are like this: “aslk lvjiewrj” when there is instrumental music before a show.