Doubts about permission to subtitling

Hello! There is a drama i want to subtitle, but I didn’t found a CM or a moderator in the channel responsible for provide It. I only found segmenters and subtitlers. So, I can subtitle without permission? I sent a message (10 days ago) for a subtitler, but she didn’t answer me yet.

Hello! Make sure to contact the CM first if you can’t find a moderator for your language. After that, you should contact a moderator of a similar language, then. For example, if you want to subtitle in Spanish (and there’s no Spanish moderator), contact the French moderator. An English moderator will usually be the person in charge after the CM.

Order of who you should contact to become a subber (in my opinion):

  • Your Language Moderator
  • Channel Manager
  • A similar language moderator OR an English Moderator
  • Viki Help Center (at least one of the mods will be active, so this should be rare)

Hey @iamhughbliss

Just adding one more thing about icedthy’s pm (thank you for your nice answer), if the channel manager is Viki, I believe you don’t need to ask permission from anyone and you can sub it.

If you still have a problem, just tell us the drama name so we might find where to ask permission.


Thank you so much!
However, the problem is i didn’t found the Channel Manager. The icon of the CM doesn’t work, but is only in this drama.
I click and nothing happens:

Thank you!
I’m not sure the channel belongs to Viki, because the CM icon doesn’t work. But thank you so much for this advice!

When there is no CM or Moderators I think you can just go ahead and sub. Same when Viki is the Manager.

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Thank you! I’ll do it.

Yes, you can go ahead and do it, but if the situation is like that, a free-for-all, it means that

  1. your hard work may go to waste, because there is no control, some other subtitler might come after you and mess your subtitles
  2. the subtitling of this show will be a sorry mess anyway, with all these different people, uncontrolled, unedited, some of them possibly not even knowing the language, a caleidoscope of different styles, no continuity in names, titles etc.

My point is…
If your goal is to reach the number of subtitles needed for becoming QC and acquiring some experience, then by all means go ahead and do it. We all did this at the beginning.
If this is not the reason, then I don’t know if it’s worth it.


Oh, I didn’t look at this way.
But, I saw a person asking for the legend in my language, and wanted do it. The title is not much visited, so i think the vandalism will be small.
I’m really thankful for your advice!