Drama Reccs: Heartwarming Families - Unexpected or Not

Well, if you want to go for a weekend drama you would need to let this one out of the pot, since it is a “normal” 16 ep drama. Although I would love you to watch it, since it is one of my favorits.

Let’s see what other weekend drama could replace it. Oh, there is

  • Five Enough, a woman with 3 kids and a guy with 2 kids fall in love with each other, and have to find a way to create their new family, with the extensions of one grandmother living with her, and he was living with his in-laws and sister-in-law since his wife’s death, as well as her kids’ dad.

  • Smile, You, it is a shame it is no longer at Viki, it was really funny, about a former well off family moving in with the ex-chauffeur’s family and the son of the former well off family slowly falling for the other family’s youngest daughter. When the 2 families find out their relation ship it goes berserk, since they just don’t really want to be in-laws. Epic the morning exercises invented by grandpa and everyone living in his house has to do it.

  • Marry Me Now, and as far as it comes to emotions, this might be the closest you can get to Fantastic. Former youth sweethearts meet again and fall in love again in their 60’s.

  • Love Now and Inborn Pair are both from Taiwan I think, not fitting the usual 50 ep criteria for a K-drama, so I would not recommend it for this challenge.

  • Legendary Witch, but don’t know if you can find it anywhere. About a rich family’s daughter-in-law with a poor background, getting pushed out of the family, when her husband goes missing and is supposed to be dead. She gets to take the blame for some forged financial numbers in the company of her in-laws and has to go to jail because of it. In jail, she makes some friends with whom she will open a bakery once they made it out, and she finds a new love, not that her ex-in-laws want to tolerate that.

  • Glorious Day, has the typical bad or worst encounter possible of the FL and the ML, it pretty much is what you would call a traditional Korean weekend drama, except some characters do not act that way.

  • Angel Eyes, has a lot of warmth to come up with and a lot of heartache, but well tissues at place, for a girl that was kind of adopted by her boyfriend’s family, she was blind and fate had it that his mother was killed in an accident and her … You can guess the rest, fate had it that their ways separated. Many years later, she can now see thanks to an operation, they meet again and get a 2nd chance, even she has a new boyfriend and her father is against the relationship.

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How about we try this once again?
3 votes possible

  • Angel Eyes
  • Five Enough
  • Glorious Day
  • Legendary Witch
  • Marry Me Now
  • My Father is Strange
  • Smile, You
  • What Happens to my Family

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I know nothing about any of these, but based only on your descriptions, it sounded like I could really enjoy Five Enough.

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I have never heard of any of these!?? :woman_shrugging:

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That is probably because they have more or exactly 50 episodes, they are weekend family dramas, so the whole family can watch it, but in rare cases there are late broadcastings, so the youngest children are in bed. But I only know one or two that have the same length.


Not a genre I’ve ever taken an interest in, but I’m curious…are these types of family dramas typically comedies, or do they themselves cover all the different genres? I know myself enough to know that I’d likely get bored with 50+ episodes, especially if it was angsty and/or soapy drama.

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50 episodes might kill me!!! I have hard enough time with the ones that have 30 something episodes! :smile:

funny we were typing at the same time!


Thank you! I add this one and tell people about it all the time! I loved this drama and it was one of my first!!! LOVE it! Eric Mun


Genre, well all more or less

As a first try I would have told you to look for Smile, You, but it is no longer at Viki … Because it was kind of fresh and funny.

Angel Eyes has really heartwarming moments, especially when the younger versions start, but it gets really dramatic and sad and then nicer again. It’s good but as a first try, I don’t know, maybe only if you want to get rid of tissue that takes up space in your shelf.

What Happens to My Family? Is at the beginning pretty loud and humor is really kind of in your face … If you are sensible you might not like it, on the other hand you might like the cute youngsters, or they will get on your nerves until they gradually turn into adults.
The trailer is pretty much what you get, this family is chaotic and the new addition, doesn’t help at first.

Marry Me Now - is good as it shows the process of becoming a family while having to consider many people and one’s own circumstances

P.S. Have not seen the trailer it is not licensed for me here.

Maybe as a compromise

because it only has 44 episodes. LOL


This is a drama I have on my to watch list! :wink::+1:t5:
I voted Glorious Day!
Where are you going to watch the ones not on Viki? This is one not on here :confused: Hee-He! Two of your favorite things are in this one, a novelist, and weddings :smiley:!


When the drama is great, you don’t feel like you’re watching a drama with 50 episodes. Sometimes I even think that it wasn’t enough LOL
It’s also in these dramas that you can find rookies who will become later a first lead.
I recommend:


So you might not believe it, LOL, but yes there are still some dramas left that I have not seen, such as:

  • My Husband Got a Family
  • You Are The Best!
  • Ojakgyo Brothers

These I have watch and I will tell you, why I am not sure if I would recommend it as a first time family weekend drama watch:

Seo Yeong, My Daughter - is full of drama, tragic events, of course there is the counterpart of romance, but that only lasts until the wedding after that, the bride … No, I won’t go into detail and I don’t want to make the performance of the actors smaller, but I doubt that it is a good choice into the weekend drama genre.

My Golden Life - tragic start as a little girl, she was abducted and picked up by her now parents, who raised her like their own child. But then all things come to light, and her real family wants her back, or parts of her family. She doesn’t really, because she fears the rich relatives and fears to lose herself and her “family”.

The Gentlemen of Wolgyesu Tailor Shop - I liked it, but as I am used to the genre, I didn’t fall into the boredom state. That could happen with this drama, since it isn’t that loud and more step by step.
Like I mentioned before, the same goes for the 2nd and 3rd drama, it’s not bad, but wouldn’t be my first choice, when I know the viewer might like a bit more pace.

So here’s mine:

This one is too funny!

This was on Viki some time ago, very sweet and innocent, My Dear Boy with Derek Chang and Ruby Lin :heart_eyes:

And it’s still here, perhaps an old gem… I loved it!

And this one is missing on Viki ;( Family’s Honor

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I’d third that on the Ojakgyo Brothers
It’s actually about the entire family, and the farm, their legacy. A very heart warming drama.

Hmmmm, that’s three nominations, including mines, :point_up_2:t5:for You’re The Best! :wink::+1:t5:

Wow, I just looked up Ojakgyo Brothers, and it has some of my favorite actors/actresses in it.

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I have not watched that drama, are you including me for the recommendation? I can’t recommend what I have not watched, or at least heard others talk about, and there is nothing I can talk about.

It still counts as a nomination, along with You’re The Best

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Yes, but not from me. LOL
The O Brothers are not at Viki either.

The nominations are for vivi_1485 :joy:

Yes, I guess so, but you quoted me.