Drama/show recs:)

please drop some kdrama or variety show recs! i love watching variety shows like village survival: the eight and sister’s slam dunk. when it comes to dramas, i love like crime/mystery and those that take place at school. i loved solomon’s perjury and he is psychometric. i hope some of you can recommend some that are similar to them. thank youu<3

if you can, please list them on the google doc

Sorry do not have that much time left today, maybe you want to look through older post suggestions.



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I liked Missing Nior m, tunnel, Memoir of a murder, don’t recall the name but was about the murders in the 80’-90 time, never solved, bad guys, section 38, would love t6o se4e some good crime ,thriller dramas, cant wait for that zombie drama detective and that fox one coming on!

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