Dramas that didn't end well

ok, I loved Kill it, but ending could have been better, yeah I know the guy had to be killed off
next is my favorite is Healer, yeah I know it was about the character “Healer” but gosh, the mom, wish we could have had a bit more on that, and the dad left out in the cold as well.
I have started watching hes psychometric again, but oh the ending, just wish it could have been better, don’t want to put it here , but gosh a better ending!
now how about anyone else. drama endings? whats yours?
oh yeah Goblin and I could go on.

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There are many dramas that start well but end poorly. Some, shockingly bad!

I am to date still “traumatized” by the final two episodes of My Love Eun Dong, which I loved dearly - for the plot and the cast - from the get-go but was greatly disappointed toward the end. I swore I would never watch another drama by this (rookie at that time) screenwriter if the second were to bomb similarly. Thankfully, (for me at least) she redeemed herself with her awesome scripts/dramas that follow:

Her latest:

I haven’t watched it. So I will not comment yet, except that I love the ML (JCW) :wink:

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just wish the writers or who ever wud put better endings to the dramas , heres two more
goblin, korean oddessy I think thats right, why did that girl have to be sacrificed, and those other guys lived? her blood yes I understand that, but that to me was a stretch. oh yeah! Black! it was ok, but it could have been better, scratch, switch, and so many more!

I am scared to read posts in this thread for fear of being spoiled on dramas I want to watch! :laughing::laughing:


I won’t talk about the dramas but I will say Lee Kyung-hee and the HONG sisters are horrible/terrible/ridiculous when writing some dramas, and giving really bad endings.

A good example: . Hwayugi[Hong sisters]/ Mr. Nice Guy[Lee Kyung-hee (I was fuming for days), and to this day still get upset about the bad endings. i don’t care how much they praise a drama if they are the scriptwriters I won’t watch. I just found out LKH wrote chocolate and I stopped watching bc it was already giving me a sad ending vibe.

Mmm, I’d have to say the ending to That Winter, the Wind Blows could have been waaay better. I really like that show, but I don’t want to rewatch the ending…

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even the scifi one, love from the stars, the Korean one could have been better, and some of the parts to.
I know there is a bunch, I know! wh don’t we write one??? hehehe, I am not well versed, note my name “frustratedwriter” hehehehe. even the one I am almost finished with, just wish there could have been a better ending… the ones thattrave to the past, so many to mentin, one they fall in love with the person, then they trave back to the future, ages apart, wow! , queens man,rooftop prince, faith, cinderella chef
and many more, the one about that “diary” shes a writer and somehw goes back to the person that wrote it, was good up t a point.
what about the ghost stories. weird to be inlove with a ghost then the ending realy flors me, shes still alive but in a coma!! then something happens ,not a god ending is al,and some of those cooking show ones, I guess I am venting, so better stop now. anyway just wish there were better endings is all

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I totally understand. To me, the most important part of the drama is the ending. Sure, the rising action, the characterization, the climax, the actors/actresses, cinematography, and director are all important, but the ending is what leaves impressions and has the ability to satisfy the viewer or frustrate him/her. It’s like the decoration on a cake: the cake itself may be delicious, but if the decoration is messed up, then the cake most likely isn’t appetizing (unless you like cake regardless :yum:), and the viewer will be left with an unfavorable impression of the cake. I sometimes shake my head at the writer(s) of a drama because they were sloppy with a character or an ending, but it is what it is. Even Charles Dickens had to write an alternate ending to Great Expectations because his original ending was inconclusive and Pip and Estella didn’t get together; thankfully, Dickens took the advice and created an alternate ending, the one that is used today.

Another drama that didn’t end well:
Scarlet Heart Ryeo (left me heart-torn, plus, the ending seemed like a second season was on its way, but nope)

For me, the death of character or separation doesn’t necessarily mean a bad ending, but a bad ending is 1). rushed, 2). filled with unnecessary deaths, 3). undeserved (no justice or too much goodness), and 4). doesn’t fit in with the characterization.

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I agree with that, a tragic ending is not necessarily a bad ending. It only bothers me personally, when it makes absolutely no sense as to why it had to happened in the first place. Like, I saw a drama (I believe you saw that one recently), that the girl dies of an illness and then, in the ending part the main guy is walking down memory lane, and gets killed by a car. What need is there to have so many tragedies in one drama? That kind of ending, makes absolutely no sense to me.

It also bothered me so much a Chinese movie I saw [Shanghai Fortress] where every single main character dies (about 6 or maybe more/ lost count) that movie it was so depressing for me to see that from now on, I make sure it never happens to me again. Trailer here: .https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LVVlSIrpoak.

Now, I faithfully search the reviews of the things I want to watch. That is how I found out the drama [Chocolate] has an ending many are not happy about, and after 2 episodes I dumped the drama although it has one of my fave actress (Ha Ji Won). Also, the writer of that drama is famous for making one or two of the main characters die in dramas so I avoid anything written by this author/writer.

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now hesitant to watch chocolate, Yes thats the one m scarlet heart, is that the one that goes to the past ? yes I didn’tl ike that ending at all. I know they could have done better.
I finished watching Cinderella & the 4 knights. the ending was so-so,
the other thing that bothers me is hanging us (clifhangers) and we wonder what happened to so & so. love watching healer, yes a bunch of times, but that cifhanger …
as for the other endings, I can understand why the guy in “kill it” had to die in the end, BUT to be sure there was a better ending to the story! that cutesy one strong woman, later gets married than have children, oh come on! and another clifhanger, yeah hung up on those too… “the icing on the cake:” yep


here are some older ones. this was a good drama, “Bad Boy” the ending could have been much better. and the one I just finished “live up to yur name” this was so good, time travel and all, but they culd have had a beter finish, thats two on the list for the day