Dramas to watch with Timed Comments ON / OFF

@mirjam_465 Thanks! If I ever watch that drama I’ll keep the TCs off :sweat_smile:

Yup, same :laughing:

Those are fun, but if you are watching a drama by yourself you get curious :smile:


I have TC always on… I sometimes pause the video in order to read the comment (long) that is either interesting like adding information or just a funny thought of a viewer… I too like to write TC… at times some TC appear stupid and I just block them out… so if TC would go I’d be very sad… I do enjoy them when they are not too bad… I’m just so used to them! Some viewers leave a hello from their country or city, so it’s interesting to read from where the viewers are :earth_americas:

Well no, I don’t keep track of them in my head nor on paper… I just enjoy them as they come… I’ve watched so many dramas that I can’t even remember all of them… perhaps just the ones who left impression on me and when I started watching Asian dramas 14 years ago… sorry, I have no better answer… :sweat_smile:


I no longer turn on TIME COMMENTS because the few times I did, they were adding links to dating/porno/business etc. and they hardly left any space for the viewers to add their funny/friendly comments. The worst experience I had was from ppl. cursing each other, and others giving comments that made my stomach turn from how disgusting they were.

This is a great thread in the sense that if someone mentions they have nice decent comments in a drama, I might be watching, then, I will turn the comments ON. But so far, and for a very long time now, I haven’t look at them or participate in them. I remember back in the days when this site had the most enjoyable and funniest time comments. There were even some I would write them down to share the laughter with others in my family circle kids, sis, brother etc. (that’s how funny they really were). .

PS. In fact, I’ll be checking some mentioned here
I meant to say if anyone mentions here any comments in dramas that are funny I’ll check them out. I just hope they remember which episode they are in bc some episodes are really funny, so the people watching the drama has funny things to add.


So do you have a recommendation for dramas with funny TCs? :wink: :smile:

It’s okay :blush:


Watch it with TCs OFF (as of Jan 2023)

Accidentally Meow On You | Mainland China | Drama | Watch with English Subtitles & More :heavy_check_mark: (viki.com)

  • They constantly complain about the FL. Yes, sometimes her behavior is ridiculous, but she has been lied to and thus is valid in having the feelings she has.
  • The constant outfit comments are really annoying. We get it. You don’t like the outfit. Find something else to say.
  • Sub whiners and requests to / complaints about the team in PT, SP, FR, etc. haven’t been removed yet, so that’s also annoying.

I watched the drama with the TCs mostly on, but I switch them off from time to time, because it gets annoying and there aren’t many funny TCs

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Another one to watch with TCs OFF

I haven’t watched dramas in a long while, but finally had some time. I made the mistake of watching this drama with the TCs on:

Love In Contract | Korea | Drama | Watch with English Subtitles & More :heavy_check_mark: (viki.com)

This drama has some genuinely funny and nice comments, however those get overshadowed massively by the amount of hateful, insensitive and/or offensive comments. The comments in about every episode are about how ppl think the FL has a problem with her weight / look / face / hair / age and it’s so exhausting to read or even see appear on your screen the whole time. Other negative comments are about the ML / SML. There is one TC poster who gets called out constantly for the amount of hateful comments they wrote.
Since a few episodes ago I turned the comments OFF unless there’s an interesting scene, but even then, expect to see the comments I mentioned before.


That bad huh? :sweat_smile:


I feel bad, because the funny comments are funny.
I found myself laughing at a couple of them.
That’s what TCs are for, right?

But that moment of enjoyment is very shortlived, as you’ll see a ton of negative comments in between / after it :sob: Am almost at the end of the drama and some ppl still feel the need to comment on the FLs looks or insinuate that she has an ED. Even if she does, do they really think that commenting on her appearance isn’t triggering to viewers who are watching that have ED or BD?


WATCH with comments ON or OFF

Reset | Mainland China | Drama | Watch with English Subtitles & More :heavy_check_mark: (viki.com)

This is the first time I couldn’t clearly decide.
In general there’s nothing wrong with most of the comments… except that most of the people seemed to have missed or don’t understand the plotpoints as they keep suggesting things that the drama has already proved doesn’t work.

It’s tiring to read when you get past the episodes that prove why those ideas won’t work :no_mouth:

So, you decide :woman_shrugging:


That’s why I turn TC completely off for ALL my drama/movie viewing. They no longer appeal to me since it seems they are geared towards aiming as a total disrespectful criticism (especially towards actors/actress who sacrifice themselves so much for all of us; viewers).

RESET is complicated to understand only if we close our mind to it. It was an interesting watch, although the ending was not what I wanted it to be.

LOVE IN CONTRACT was more of a vindictive personal attack towards the actress which in my opinion she’s great. Every review I wrote got downvoted so I deleted all my reviews. TC and Reviews no longer exist for me.

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I just finished watching. How did you want it to end?
I thought it was quite nice. I was afraid they’d leave us hanging :sweat_smile:

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. How did you want it to end?

I wanted the boy Doudou to stay alive and not dead. She stays in that ‘‘time’’ so the boy is alive, but in reality the boy did died. Lately there are several dramas/movies with same title so I hope we are talking about the same one… lol

No, I think we’re talking about different dramas


I knew it! you must be talking about this one

I was talking about this one.
Not to be confused with Reset (web series).

Reset Film.jpg220x343

Beijing Sparkle Roll Media Corporation

Reset (Chinese: 逆时营救) is a 2017 Chinese; starring Yang Mi and Wallace Huo. The story follows a scientist who uses an experimental universe-hopping/time-travel technology to save her son from being killed. It was released in China on June 29, 2017.

This people are ridiculous giving the same title to dramas with different themes. They even have a RESET title dramas from different countries too.

I just started watching with Timed Comments on (by accident too, so call it serendipity!) and from what I’ve seen from some of the episodes I saw with them on, I’d definitely say that it’s worth turning them on for the first season of “Poong, the Joseon Psychiatrist” and “CEO-dol Mart”. There have really been some witty comments and it makes it feel as if you’re watching with a bunch of friends. :joy:


Twinkling Watermelon is among the shows you need to watch with TCs :joy:


The “crying onion” comment you posted on the other thread still makes me laugh. :joy:


Comment ON (later OFF)

In the beginning there are quite a few funny episodes, especially relating to some of the background noise. In the last few episodes the comments got rather annoying. There aren’t a lot of comments in the later episodes yet, so hopefully the ones who left funny episodes will come back to add those later.

Marriage with Me? Seriously? | Japan | Drama | Watch with English Subtitles & More :heavy_check_mark: (viki.com)

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Comments OFF

I’m not even halfway and the comments are full of:

  • Annoying questions - just watch the drama or scene and you’ll find the answer :face_with_raised_eyebrow: (some people respond with “literally watch the scene!”)
  • Commenters fighting
  • (A lot of) spoilers in the TCs
  • Harsh comments

Lighter and Princess | Mainland China | Drama | Watch with English Subtitles & More :heavy_check_mark: (viki.com)


Comments OFF for both the Korean and Japanese version of Boys over Flowers :sweat_smile:

Same goes for Not Others…
The comment section is just filled with constant