Dramas with diseases

ok love watching stories like marriage contract, oh myGeum Bi, go away Mr tumor incarnate jealousy, and forgot the other one. and probably more I have missed, ok we are in a new year, c’mon how about some uplifting dramas? don’t get me wrong, loved those happy endings and all, but lets move on, inspirational, miracles, angels(yeah goblins) legend of the blue sea is coming to a close in a few weeks, so what about a mystery not just a mermaid, something that we all can enjoy,

HAPPY NEW YEAR whoever celebrates it not sure about the Asian countries and such.
and thanks for these discussions!

There’s a really old Korean drama called Thank You.

I forget what it’s about, but it’s been on my list of dramas to watch for a few years now. If I remember correctly, it starts Jang Na Ra, So Shin Ae and Jang Hyuk.

Edit: Turns out we have it here on Viki. And it’s starring Gong Hyo Jin not Jang Na Ra.

I am with you 2017 needs a few happy ending dramas. I am all for a sad drama here and there to purge unfinished business. I watched Scent of a Woman and cried for 2 days marathoning that one until by eyes swelled up but I was getting rid of my feelings around finishing my divorce case. I would like to see a few dramas with some well adjusted characters or some where the people made it through their struggles to have a happy life. If one more person dies of cancer in a drama I think I will have to personally address it with the writers. Yes Jealousy Incarnate was an important drama to show men in Korea that they needed to be tested and it actually saved some lives but please something sweet and nice at least to get me through the winter months. Maybe something like the drama Five Children. I can’t remember any other warm and cozy dramas today for some reason.

susan, that is exactly what I am talking about, hey back to Healer!! yeah we could mention the heal me kill me one, but still split personalities thing, yeah there are a lot of good/great dramas here & on DF. uplifting stuff, motivational stuff, neighborhood hero, I am watching again, squad 38, then go to bad guys, signal, but see , why not some good ones that shows success? so writers how about it? we need that uplift, inspiration, motivation, etc,etc,etc get us some of those happy endings

fated to love you (both of them) was quite good. so I am looking forward to some good dramas this year!!

wouldn’t anyone enjoy seeing another Neighborhood hero, Healer, squad 38, bad guys type shows? even a man called God? am I talking adventure, suspense, mysteries, yep, yeah Goblin will be ending shortly, even W was kinda spell binding ,detective oriented type shows? why not, a mystery that will put me on the edge of my seat! why not? even those dramas from bygone eras, one I am thinking about is like the X files sorry cant think of the title right now! wasn’t long enough either that Noir M was a good one, awww I could go on, but I hope someone will see this and kind of get some new “blood” in here, writers I guess. but come on pick up the pace!! any country too. sorry writers, guess I am picking on you today…
secret investigation records

watch TEN TEN2 Sign, and Vampire Prosecutor 1 and 2. All up your alley

yep exactly what i like

that will be part of my mega weekend! found vampire prosecutor, so will start that one, also vampire detective. hot chocolate & popcorn on the way!!

Just breezing by and had to say hi Susan52