Eagles and Youngsters blocked for Europe?

Hi guys,

today I got a message about this drama but it is blocked for me. So I’d like to know if it is blocked for whole Europe or only certain countrys and if so, you may start more requests so we will get it for Europe/ans as well:



The show has no episodes yet. I don’t think is blocked. I just received a message they need Chinese to English translators and segmenters. I believe this will take a while before anyone can see it.

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Oh, okay, because it said the show was restricted for me, and I’m in the States. I actually want to watch this one, and I’ve been wary of Chinese dramas lately :smile:

Thanks all :slight_smile:

The message I got looks like the one when something is unavailable. Glad to hear that it’s probably just because the files aren’t uploaded yet.


I suggest The Legends. It’s awesome :revolving_hearts: I didn’t expect that I would like it that much (I just hope the end is not disappointing for me)

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I’m in Sweden and it says it’s restricted for my region because of license.

We are not allowed to discuss publicly about where a show is lincesed or not. It’s against guidelines. So… only by p.m. :slight_smile:


Okay, didn’t know that.

I then suggest that VIKI makes it clearer if something is geoblocked or unavailable because of pending license/upload. It is not always clear to see for me plus all the “ratings & reviews” for sometimes never hosted shows here don’t help either.

You’re right, we’d all like things to be more transparent here.
Ratings and reviews for those unavailable dramas are not always fake, though. People may have watched it elsewhere. I’ve also written a review of something which wasn’t uploaded (yet). In one case, it was to console people. It was “Secret Romance”. I wrote a review explaining that this drama was really terrible, so they shouldn’t be sad that Viki didn’t get the license for it!

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