English Subtitlers, Editors and other language moderators for Murder, She Wrote

Hear Ye, Hear Ye, All You Wonderful, Gifted People!


I am new to channel managing, but I would love to have volunteers to help out with English Subtitles and editing. You must have a good grasp of grammar and spelling in English as an editor.

I would also like to get other language moderators for the same purpose. Again, you must have a good grasp of grammar and spelling in that language as an editor.

The show is Murder, She Wrote. It was a very popular show in the United States. The genre is Murder. It is a great show, and you will enjoy watching it. Give it a try, and if you like it, perhaps you would like to join, The Jessica Fletcher Sleuths in getting this great show out for the world to enjoy!

Hi I love this show, I can translate to spanish if you need it.


Hi Lizi, What language do you speak. I am open to all except for Spanish. I have a Spanish moderator who has a team. If it is Spanish, you can PM her. I don’t know if her team is full. Go to the volunteer section on Murder She Wrote and find under moderators a kitty icon. PM her and ask if she needs help. Thank you!

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I can help with english subtitles!

Hello there, I can help with Indonesian subtitle. Also though not a native of english, I can be an editor if it is possible.

That’s me ^^ Thank you @lizileth for volunteering. If you are still interested please PM me here and I’ll add you to the team. ^^

I can do english

I can translate from english to spanish :smiley: