Enough with male lipstick already!


you mentioned chief of staff in your other message too. I don’t know why I just didn’t think it would be a good one. so I will watch it today. and thanks


I have always liked 80s music and the style New Romantics. (Adam Ant in the middle is sooo gorgeous lol) So in comparison the little make up used in asian dramas doesn’t bother me.


Haha, you got me. True, it’s all true, and I have seen the flower garlands, the aegyo, the whole thing. But I guess I connected that more with the bands having fun with their fans, I mean, they go full on sometimes and stright out crossdresses, and it seems like it’s mostly for fun. So I didn’t really connect that with wearing lipstick in a show, which seems more serious. But you’re right. it must be seen as desirable, or they wouldn’t do it.

I think you may be onto something here, I’ve never thought about it like that before, but somehow it rings true. I mean, I don’t know if it’s true, but it sounds possible. I remember being a bit scared when guys started to show interest of a certain kind, so I can totally get wanting to feel safe like that.



The lipstick reached C dramas :scream:

0.26-0.34 Trailer

I watched so many competitions of esports and not a single pro gamer did use lipstick irl no matter if they were Korean or Chinese. The Asian teams usually had a similar haircut and many of them wear glasses (more than Western pro gamers) but even though some looked kinda chibi like it was still natural without make up (they were also withouot make up when the broadcast took place in Seoul…)


Yes, I see the Chinese male actors with PINK lipstick and believe me it doesn’t look good at all. I was hoping it was a filter in the cameras but is LIPSTICK. The much older actors won’t use-wear it, so you see the difference.


At first I also thought it’s just the lightening or camerafilter but then… there is one scene in the trailer, the whole esport team ~ 5 guys all have that lipstick.

I wonder if they do it for selling the licence to SK?


Fits to some of the previous posts and may be interesting for some.


Thanks for sharing


Saw another one with some male examples as well (in the video are some quotes of K pop idols who say their managers wanted them to do surgery):


What? Uee had surgery too? I didn’t know that, and she is one of my favorite Korean actresses. Ah well, I have conflicting opinions about plastic surgery, but the saddest part is that flaws aren’t allowed in society. I am not immune either-- I have to stop myself from subscribing to the ‘perfection’ attitude of society. It’s a retraining of the mind.


I’m also sad since some of the singers from the video are members of bands I like (for some females I already assumed that before I saw the video, but I didn’t expect it for the males as well).

It is so cruel, imagine telling a young person that "his eyes’ look is too “bad” so he has to do surgery… (and then they change their eyes so they look more Western-ish.

(And maybe they’ll get health issues because of the surgeries when they are old)


I totally agree. My eyes aren’t even and in fact they are hooded and one looks slightly smaller than the other, but I don’t let that bother me. As for the western eye look, i don’t see what’s so special about that that makes it so desirable. Maybe because I live in America I take it for granted, but I never noticed the double eyelid until i delved deeper in Asian cultures and found that many Asians wanted the double eyelid. I think that monolids are strikingly beautiful and dramatic–I’ve thought so since I was a child.
Yes, I don’t know if there are health risks involved as well when the body gets older. Will the surgery matter, though? We all will get wrinkled in the end, if God lets us live to old age :slight_smile: The same goes with many Americans’ obsession with larger lips and larger breasts and larger bottoms. I don’t know anymore, I just wish society didn’t have such a pressure against physical diversity. And another sad thing is that yes, beautiful people get rewarded in society in many different ways. I myself am not averse to liking a pretty or handsome face, but I shouldn’t excuse people or gift people based on beauty alone.


Some Europeans also have eyelids like him. Do you think it’s monolid? (Somehow for me, there are more than just 2 different eye/lid forms)


We all have an eye different than the other,one eyebrow nicer than the other one etc…The main thing to focus on in our life is, not so much how we look on the outside bc the real beauty must come from within us (our heart). I have met ppl. that are physically unattractive but they are so sweet, kind, caring, that you see so much beauty in them.

On the other hand, I have met gorgeous looking ppl that are so vain and mean you just see an ugly monster in front of you, no matter how much physical beauty they have… Several of my family members (girls) look like gorgeous models, but I can’t stand being around them bc their energy is so full of hate and meanness that I get nauseous when I’m around them (that’s how my body reacts lol). I always talk to them and tell them to stop being that way, but it goes one ear and out the other. There’s so much you can do to those that won’t listen.

Don’t get me wrong there are ppl. that are physically beautiful and more beautiful inside but this society concentrate so much on selling products, surgery, etc…that they make sure we get absorbed into what I call ‘‘the plastic world’’ But I hope you realize that no matter how handsome/beautiful a person is on the outside, what really counts is how beautiful they are on the inside.


Yes, wise words! It’s true that no matter if the person is physically attractive, if they are mean-spirited and vindictive, they are unattractive. There’s a quote from a Youtuber named Frank James, and he says “Stay cool and attractive.” ‘Cool’ in the sense that one doesn’t let external circumstances shake his/her peace of mind and ‘attractive’ in the sense of cultivating inner beauty. Being kind to others and giving away is more rewarding than being mean and hoarding attention and constantly getting from others.


Seems we here are not the only ones who feel that the plastic faces are all looking too similar.

(It’s a funny interview, first he looks kinda shocked that he should just think/rate the looks instead of considering a person’s personality as well and then later he criticises the plastic surgeries in a kind way please go to different clinics so you won’t look all the same xD)


Oh my goodness that’s so true. I can never tell certain actress apart bc they look the same to me. They are copying a lot A Suzy’s face, too. And now you see Chinese actors that look so much like SK actors.

They should start suing those Doctors.


I agree that lipstick on male actors is distracting and unnecessary.


I’ve just finished watching Heirs and both Lee Min Ho and Kim Woo Bin were just fine to me, it was nice seeing them with pink colorful lips. Also the picture of Lee Dong Wook that you posted, he doesn’t look ridicolous to me at all, his red lips make him even more handsome in my opinion.

I think you’re making a matter of beauty/entertainment/fashion in a gender one. Just because they get their make up done and dress more stylish they become feminine/desexualized? Just because they have softer features they become androgynous? Can’t a “real men” have a soft and pretty side too? even tho they have make up done and they look pretty, they’re still very manly.

Here you’re focusing on only one side of idols, as I said before many idols look cute but very manly too. Idols do aegyo only when they are asked to, they don’t randomly act cute instead on stage they want to convey their energy and a good performance. About how they dress, if they’re attending a official schedule as a group stylists dress them and they usually follow the fashion trends and they don’t look gay at all?? They look very handome and manly. When they choose their outfits, many idols have a strong individual fashion sense and it doesn’t look gay at all. I guess Western Standards would define them gay just because we’re not used to see men dressing up and following the fashion trends.




Or just keep their own face :upside_down_face:

@ Chinese looking like SK, I also realized that for some, so probably the reason is the surgery. Gladly, not all Chinese seem doing it so I really hope the ones doing it won’t be the majority soon.