Episodes of 'you raise me up' disappeared


Does anyone know what’s happened to the episodes of ‘you raise me up’ . There were two episodes available to watch last week , but now the show is listed as coming soon. Where the episodes made available to early by mistake?

I’m from the UK by the way


Did you watch them? Or you just saw them available?

Previously I noticed it for dark hole drama they were available there(one week before the broadcast) and I couldn’t play them, it was a bug I think. And later the episodes disappeared.


Coming soon, means coming soon, if there is no date, the soon can take a while. We wouldn’t know, maybe the CM, if there is one, didn’t check on that.


The episodes should be available again soon. (Licensing issue regarding some musics)


A few days ago I went to watch the two episodes that were available for much of last week and I noticed that they were no longer available. At first I thought it might be a temporary glitch now doesn’t appear to be so.

A bit odd that episodes would be available for a few days and then disappear. If the show had been taken down completely at the request of rights holders. It wouldn’t be listed in the coming soon section

Thanks for the information @nymearia


Dear viewers,

the episodes have been temporarily taken down due to copyright issues and are currently being edited but don’t worry, they will be back soon (including the already existing subtitles) once they have been fixed.

Please be patient and wait for a bit longer. :four_leaf_clover: I’m very sorry about this inconvenience and hope for your understanding!

Annie (CM)

I tried to post this message in the comment section of the channel page a couple hours ago but it’s still ‘Pending’ :thought_balloon:

"This content is not available"... Is there a list of shows that were available and now are no longer licensed?

Should be back , I have seen the two episodes , and it does have staying power …I had too :slight_smile:


Seriously it has just one word subtitles and it will never get approved on the public discussions plz contact staff


Did you try replacing the word “subtitles” with “subs”? I had to do that with my message to the viewers for “Lovers of the Red Sky”.


It worked! I almost can’t believe it! xD Thank you for your help, everyone! :yellow_heart:


Yay! Remember to do the same in the Team Discussion as well. Always use “subs” instead of “subtitles”.


Yers, Why is it that the word s u b t i t l e is blocked? It’s ridiculous and causes so many messages to go a.w.o.l. Working on subtitles is what we do here.


You really want to know?

Subtitles in xyz please!
Why are xyz subtitles not done yet?
It has been two days and subtitles are still not 100 percent!

You get the hint?


Yeah I know that hahha


The episodes of ‘you raise me up’ are now available again :grin:


sorry @flowersnacc . I meant to tag you in my post earlier that I forgot :sweat_smile: