Even good comments need approval from VIKI site?


This makes no sense to me I was watching The Great Show which now is subbed in record time with GREAT QUALITY English subtitles and my comment has to be APPROVED by VIKI??? Excuse me for that, then! I guess no more compliments either. GEEEZZZZZZZ…


You got both Viki and Disqus to look out. It might be that you just used too many capital letters.
Try to edit it in normal fonts, maybe the pending will subside. But it’s possible that it will still get moderation.
It gets spooky, maybe moderation settings got tighter. Even if it is a simple comment, if you are unlucky it can go into moderation. At least you do not need to be worried since the context isn’t bad it should be approved. :wink:


I thought it could be the capital letters but is still a bit too much. If it doesn’t get approved is their loss: you would think is a crime to praise something. I feel blessed to live in good old USA, where (this kind) of Freedom of speech, is a gift we have here, and what I love the most. I guess I’m done with praises since I had stopped myself from criticizing so much here (guilty of that) lol


It might also be that the two words “subtitles” and “quality” are being extra monitored right now. In that case it wouldn’t matter if your comment was positive or negative.



I guess they didn’t approved my comment, is not posted. I am so done with posting comments in the dramas: good or bad.


It’s there I just went to the channel and it’s visible maybe it took a bit longer …



I didn’t check today. Thanks.


I think @lutra is correct about the all capitals letters. It apparently ‘flags’ the comment for moderation.
I’ve had this happen a few times. The problem is, when I’ve been ‘flagged’ for moderation then leave the page, the comment has disappeared when I go back to check on it later.



I just saw it, like @lutra said, it’s there.

They took the fun out of writing comments. I had so many removed but I understood bc I was criticizing in those. This one shocked me bc it was a once in a while compliment from me. lol


I had one flagged 5 hours ago and eventually removed. And all it said was “Subtitles will depend if they can find translators for it.” This was in response to a question asking if a series would be translated.

I don’t understand why that got flagged. I had a couple other comments removed months ago and they weren’t criticisms either. It doesn’t encourage me to participate in discussions if a simple answer/statement is going to have to get reviewed and and then removed with no explanation.


They getting ridiculous here bc if they flag a comment it means you said something offensive or a spam (I forgot the other one). All you did was ask a question. I’m telling you, this situation here is going from bad to worse. They should remove the comment section completely. I hope ppl stop commenting let’s see what they’ll flag or erase. I’m done with this drama here at this site, comments are out of my life for good. Good or bad.