Exclusive: New Year's Eve LIVE Concert in Taipei - Team Needed

Hi everyone! Want to be a part of the first ever LIVE concert on Viki? We’re preparing for one of the biggest New Year’s Eve events in the world, the Taipei 101 New Year’s Countdown – featuring performances by Taiwanese Pop stars like Rainie Yang, Wilber Pan, and S.H.E.!

December 31st, 7:00PM - 1:30AM (Taiwan time): Live broadcast from Taipei 101 on Viki’s YouTube channel

December 31st, 8:00PM~ Concert footage will be uploaded to Viki channel (in 30-60 minute clips), ready to be segmented and subtitled. Clips will be uploaded on Viki shortly after they are broadcast on YouTube.

For this event, we would love to recruit volunteers from around the world to participate in segmenting and subtitling. Who wants to join the Taipei 101 New Year’s Eve channel team?


Channel Manager(s)




English - snowflakesdance
Spanish - blu3love
Indonesian - jjezee
French - yamane_almohammad


  • Mandarin Chinese - English


  • Other languages*


Viki Channel: http://www.viki.com/tv/22395c-2014-taipei-101-new-years-eve-countdown

YouTube Channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/taipeicountdown?feature=watch

Omo~ Yes!
I’d like to try segmenting for this ^^

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I would love to be a Spanish Moderator.

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Please put me as Indonesian Moderator

If you still need a segmenter, I’m available for it. :smile:

Can I be English Moderator please? Thanks

I would love to help~ I can help with chinese-english subtitling~

may i help with segmenting?

I’m not sure about this but I can help to sub Chinese to English :smile:

I’d like to the French Moderator is it possible ? ^^ Please let me know asap Thank you !! :slight_smile:

I’d love to give it a go at segmenting this!

wow !!! yes !!! i would like to help subbing into Arabic :smiley:

Hi, please contact the Arabic Moderator for this channel, Wafaahs. :slight_smile:


Segments are almost done so we no longer need segmenters.

What we need URGENTLY is CHINESE-ENGLISH SUBBERS and English Editor.
So please help if you can do it. OR spread the news to people you know.

We also need Other Language Moderators (apart from French, Arabic, Vietnamese and Indonesian) and other language subbers.

Thank you!

Tasya^^ (Channel Manager)

Hey, I can help with Chinese to English Subbing

Hello gigi,
you can jump in whenever you have time :smile:Please check the team notes so you will know which episode/clip that still needs subbing.
Thanks so much!!

Tasya ^^

Do you need help with English to Chinese or Chinese to English? Because I tried subbing and only allowed English to Chinese

Hi gigi,
Try to switch the “Translating From” (on Subtitle Editor) from English to Chinese…
Also, please read the Team Notes, on there, you can see which part that still needs to be subbed.