Fan Channel Are Back ?!?

I don’t understand anything anymore. Do we have fan channel again ? What is that suppressing all of them and the work done on it to recreate them a few month later ?
Does someone have an explication ?

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That’s strange. Examples?

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Here is one I’ll try to found other to show you.

The other is the Princess one that returned, complete with the same CM and cover page.

When the Great Deletion 2 occurred, we were told that any pending channels were now gone completely, erased, and if they “could remember who had them, they would give them back”. Well it looks like their memory is “improving” oddly for select cases, including the cover page restored complete with Team and CM??

While other CM’s find they have been replaced…and those covers are not coming back. It is very strange to see, and leads to many interesting questions…

Wumingis still waiting for answers on the botting problems on 5 dramas, actually. An answer to this would be interesting as well!

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